Clueless: SLC2 & 3

Woah did this Monday come around quickly! I guess I’m just not used to SX being on a Sunday night and not having so much time to see what the minions are talking about (and that’s my excuse for Clueless being late). Still, it is good to see racing and the rain actually provided a race that was tricky, but not too dangerous.

These comments below are based around SLC2 and SLC3, with Wednesday being the first ever Wednesday night race, apparently…

  • Use your head. Use your eyes.
  • Can we just have one 250 Class please?
  • All the hometown fans were silent when Brown slammed into Sexton
  • Minute to go…. 450 main… Cooper vs Eli… cut to replay of crash footage?!??!
  • Guessing Feld bought their camera rain covers from MXGP
  • Does Sexton’s new racecraft trainer have a name?
  • Oh finally, it is James Stewart. I sensed Carmichael was dubious
  • I feel like I can completely relate to Cooper Webb… after all we have both watched The Last Dance
  • The more I think about it, the more I think this may have been the first ever Wednesday night Supercross
  • So did anyone else have a commercial break in the middle of the 250 race? Could even hear all the bike noises….
  • I also sometimes wish things had gone differently, so things would be different
  • Kudos to the track crew, that was a great track in the circumstances
  • I’d already had something typed up about the 250 Class being weak sauce because Sexton/McElrath lapped so highly… then Eli and Cooper did what they did, so I deleted it
  • Can’t help feeling that Roczen isn’t enjoying all these races in quick succession
  • I go to the airport quite a bit too, but generally not to avoid pointing out of my eighth (?) 250SX Championship
  • Hey, at least he admitted it… *cough* Marteen *cough*
  • No one likes seeing a red flag being waved… unless you’re Chase Sexton of course
  • I do hope Garrett (and Mitch) are okay though
  • At least we haven’t been kicked out of SLC yet…



Written by David Bulmer

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