Clueless: SLC 4&5

Suddenly we only have two SLC races left and I’m not sure what the hell happened to all of them? It seems like only yesterday that this three-week bonanza of racing hadn’t started yet and we were only dreaming about restarting things back up again. Now, we’ve done five races in very little time and you have to ask yourself, are two races a week good for the sport? Do they allow enough time to recuperate? Is there even enough time for the media to properly react to everything that’s happened? Tough questions, and ones that I certainly have no intention of answering… I just like to read people’s opinions on stuff and make fun of them, and I guess you guys do too otherwise this column would have gone the way of Barcia’s lugnut…

  • It’s ok to be in the 250 Class for a long time, if you pick up a dude’s driver’s license
  • Mess with the bull and you get the horns, or whatever the Australian equivalent of a bull is…
  • I guess that is one of those infamous drop bears?
  • Anyone notice that it is the Team Honda Honda Racing Corporation that Roczen rides for?
  • Even my Word document gives me a red squiggly underline
  • I think it was 123 days since the West last raced
  • It’s the dream of every young rider to line up in a Supercross main event debut, under the bright lights and in front of thousands of adoring fans… ahem
  • Can anyone confirm that Will Christien is wearing a face-mask? Everyone else seems to, but I’m just not sure she is…
  • There was another must-situation again… whatever that is
  • Did Davalos really get called a “rookie”?!?
  • Cooper Webb is easily the most successful Wednesday night rider in the history of the sport
  • Surely there must be some phone footage from a fan of how Barcia almost ended up in the stands
  • Some cameraman had to try and find Riley in the big crowd, and then had to focus on her just to capture the moment of the pass…
  • Those video guys get the tough gigs
  • Hope the Lawrence brothers didn’t drive to SLC with bananas because that Fruit Border patrol out of CA is gnarly
  • Malcolm Stewart must have paid one of those camera dudes to always show him vs Tomac in the whoop section
  • How is there is six-rider pile-up at the halfway stage of the race?
  • Congrats Benny Bloss on that heat win
  • I don’t want a blow-torch on my nerve endings, ever
  • But I am shingle-curious, if it means I can win a SX main event and all the money that goes along with that

Written by David Bulmer

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