Clueless: SLC1

I’m just going to start this out by saying, don’t get your hopes up, folks. Seven races in three weeks, doesn’t mean seven Clueless articles. It means one every Monday just like the previous 10 years I’ve been doing it, and perhaps less if the 250 class is a snooze-a-thon like on Sunday.

With that said, it is back and that’s the most important thing and once again, thanks go out to Feld for coinciding their restarting of the season to my restarting of Clueless. I’m not happy, but I am happy. Or something.

Without further ado (and I’m assuming you remember the disclaimer), here is the Clueless from Round 1 of the Salt Lake City 7-pack…

  • I’m not sure, but I think it was 85 days since the last race
  • Each race is definitely a must…    … race
  • Must-what Ricky? I’m on the edge of my seat here…
  • While I love the fact that I can watch these races at a decent hour, Supercross is a much better night sport
  • I now have a degree in American cities and their height above sea-level
  • It looked like everyone was wearing a mask except Will “Sub Zero” Christien?
  • Hoping they gradually ramp up the difficulty level on the track design, but it was good to go racing finally
  • Hell of a ride by Pierce Brown to come back from last, all his hometown fans must have been pumped seeing that… errrr
  • Great to hear that ARay didn’t let the downtime go to waste and he was able to put in the work and… grow a moustache… ?!
  • Gutted for Tickle and Cianciarulo
  • Pumped AC is somehow okay
  • Roczen needs to figure out how to pass Webb… and fast
  • Those guys sure needed microphones for the podium interviews, they were so far apart
  • Ralph and Ricky even had split screen, and I’m sure they were in the same room
  • Meanwhile, some people are being shown having massive public “gatherings” inside shop premises, on some of the other TV channels
  • Eli Tomac was actually breathing hard after that race… amazing
  • Yup, it was definitely 85 days


  1. Dear David Bulmer, I must admit 90% of the reason I wanted vurbmoto to come back was for Clueless. Thanks for exceeding expectations with your cluelessness (on the other one as well) and making this return well worth the effort.

    Sincerely, your friend, Chilidog Wes.

  2. Damn Bulmer, not too bad for knocking the dust off this ol’ gal and firing ‘er up after all these years of it sitting in the back collecting cob webs.

  3. Even worse than the constant elevation commentary was the fact that they kept using the words as a singular. “At altitude”, “At elevation”.

    I didn’t know this but apparently this seems to indicate that if you’re in Florida or California there is no elevation or altitude. You’re in a theoretical mathematical plane with no actual Z-axis. Can anyone confirm this?

  4. @Jace Nelson … i’m pretty sure there are actual county limits for areas high enough, that are sign-posted when you drive-in saying “welcome to Altitude / Elevation”… it’s the only possible explanation!

  5. Thank you so much for bringing VurbMoto back. It was seriously my favorite website.

Written by David Bulmer

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