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Clueless: SLC 6&7

It what was one of the weirdest finales to a season ever, we now say goodbye to supercross for another year. A lot of kudos to the riders and the organisers for hammering through these seven races and providing good tracks and good entertainment for the past three weeks. Of course it wasn’t perfect but it was pretty darn entertaining, and overall, it was a good showcase for the sport. Well once the 250 east championship gets finalised anyway…

  • Chase did well to win the Wednesday night race a lap early
  • Did Zach really almost prematurely win the race early on Sunday too?
  • What a great nickname… “Wednesday night wonder”
  • Cooper “Wednesday night wonder” Webb… wow
  • Tried to think up a bike-seat punchline… but it was too much of a pain in the arse
  • Has anyone ever won a championship after consistently starting so badly?
  • 2005-2007 called, they want their post-race penalties back
  • If only somebody did an article where they took the position at the end of the first lap and their finishing position, did some basic maths and put together a table
  • Obviously it’d need a catchy name or it wouldn’t work at all
  • I think Ferrandis went through the LCQ last night
  • Davalos won rookie of the year… are you kidding me?
  • It’s taken 16 rounds, but it looked like they figured out split-screen coverage
  • Unless it’s a replay from earlier in the day
  • So when do we stop having dragonbacks in track designs?
  • Webb has won more Wednesday races than McGrath, Carmichael, Dungey, Villopoto and Herlings put together
  • I chucked in Herlings’ name for the clicks
  • How is there an inside gate empty in a main event?
  • Shane McElrath doesn’t like red flags, I can guarantee that
  • Please someone tell Ricky that it is “must-win”
  • Apparently I missed out on sex the night before…
  • I mean, the reference to it *ahem*
  • All the East-West Showdown does, is remind everyone how good the 250 class could be if they combined the two coasts
  • Interestingly the “weak” East went 1-2
  • Benny Bloss was in fourth for a lot of that Sunday main event… thought I should mention that
  • Thanks for the memories Chad, see you on your farewell tour in 2021
  • So the only way to break up a Ralph anecdotal story, is to rip your seat off
  • I think it was Father’s Day yesterday
  • Has any team ever gone 1-2-3 in a 450 SX main event before?
  • Congrats to Zach and El Hombre (as Anderson must be referenced to, at least once per race)

One Comment

  1. · Ralph shot the gun prematurely, 2 laps
    to go with osborne crossing the finish line
    · Was hoping youd hit on that atleast once
    · Give Dean-o some credit, ran decent


Written by David Bulmer

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