On the Streets of SLC: Week 4

So the time is almost upon us (I say us, when really I mean those lucky enough to be in SLC) when we (again, them) are going to have to leave Utah and re-join the real world. The month long period of hanging out at supercross races or mountain bike trails or test tracks or other glamourous locations is over and it’ll back to sweating balls at outdoor motocross tracks again. Gutted.

Still, I think I can speak for everyone not there, when I say that I can’t thank Feld for organising the absolute shit out of the last few weeks (yes, I deliberately missed out the word “enough”, because apparently that’s what riders do?). Watching seven races in three weeks is awesome and it has completely spoiled us fans and it’ll definitely be hard to go back to one race per week, or even one every two weeks?!

But what about those who’ve been living through this ordeal? Well we caught up with (we didn’t really) a bunch of people to hear what they thought about this traveling circus that has been holed up in their city these past few weeks….

At the TV networks, Brian the sports anchor is sad to see the back of this world championship activity taking place in his home town. “Despite living in the sports capital of the world. I’m actually going to get furloughed on Monday morning because there is nothing else to report on. This may sound sad, but it’s actually been a great year as normally I only work one weekend a year, and sometimes none when Denver gets a race and we don’t. This year, I’ve worked three full weeks so I’m rolling in cash.”

Jason the gas store owner was relieved the SX tour is moving out though. “I’ve never sold less energy drinks than I have these past three weeks. Everyone must be getting them for free because I see tons of people drinking them, but no one is buying them. Do people get paid in six-packs of Red Bull or something?! Seriously, the number of guys who have come into my store and looked to take one for free, and then say “do you know who I am?” after I ask them for money, is ridiculous. Although next week the weight-loss conferences are in town so I know White Claw sales will drop for exactly the same reason.”

While grabbing up a morning cup of joe from McDonald’s, we got chatting to Cindy at the drive-thru and she hasn’t really noticed much of a difference this past month. “We are probably getting more people ordering chicken wraps or salads than usual. But they are often with people who order 15 cheeseburgers so the ratios are about the same. I have noticed less cops coming past my window though, if you know anything about that?”

Once again we found Steve-O from Australia, who could possibly be stalking us, not the riders and he was extremely sad the time is coming to an end. “I’m really sad to be heading home. While literally none of my friends have ever heard of Salt Lake City, I really feel like I’ve seen the best of what the city has to offer. Sure, nothing has been open. There have been protests. I can’t buy Fosters beer. I haven’t got into the stadium and I’ve experienced more overly religious people than I know what to do with… it still beats the crap out of Australia. We do have kangaroos, though.”

And lastly, whilst getting our batch of clothing cleaned, Cynthia at Bubbles Laundrette told us she’s had her work cut out in June. “I’ve never had to iron so many checkered shirts in my life. Chinos, checkered shirts, sprucing up flat billed baseball caps and tall black socks… never known anything like it. And then last couple of weeks I’ve had a whole load of ‘Nurbmoto’ t-shirts to wash. Those were dope, though.”

And that’s a wrap from the Streets of SLC. Never before have we ever got to know a community like this and never before have we wanted to buy a bottle of Jack quite so badly. Well, until we have to spend eight weeks in Anaheim next year anyway…

Written by David Bulmer

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