Cameron McAdoo Discusses The Medic Incident at Orlando 2

Public enemy numero uno this week in the eyes of fans is Cameron McAdoo. That’s right, the heat has shifted from Dean Wilson to Christian Craig to the AMA to I’m sure I missed someone to McAdoo. 

We all know of the incident that happened Saturday night at Orlando 2, when the 250SX main event was red flagged and McAdoo accidentally hit a medic and the downed Alex Martin. 

Calls for McAdoo to never ride again (ok, maybe that’s a bit far) spread far and wide. 

ISHO (In Slaw’s Honest Opinion) there is blame to be laid all around. It was a super unfortunate incident, but let’s simmer on trying to destroy McAdoo. 

He’s a good kid and honestly, you can tell he feels horrible about it. Listen to his interview on the PulpMX Show Monday and it will change your tune a bit I bet. Or it won’t because its the internet and you’ve already made up your mind. 

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  1. Its hard to understand how weeks ago riders were punished for jumping on a red cross flag when no incident occurred as a result of doing so. Yet, another rider can hit a downed rider and medical staff member after a red cross flag and thats fine. Ama seems rather clueless and useless on this one.

  2. Why they only have 1 red flag is beyond me.
    1. Red flag was not displayed for the leaders, so CM never saw it.
    2. Track worker put tough block out blocking the inside lane forcing riders to the outside, of Martin. Funneling riders toward the incident.
    3. Medic ran out onto a hot track, not realizing the leaders had not seen the red flag.
    4. The above 3 circumstances lead to the incident.
    5. AMA ought to rethink their flagging plan- how about red strobe lights scattered around the track, so when red flag flies, everyone no matter where on the track will see it instantly.

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