Slawdictions For Orlando 1: Another Podium for Jo

Hot damn, doggies, WE have a title sponsor for this week. That’s right, @nskerb on Twitter stepped up to the plate to sponsor this wonderful feature. He offered a $25 dollar Amazon gift card and a 12 pack of Hebrew nationals as payment, but Slaw has decided to make dreams come true for FREE. Don’t get any ideas, though, payment is a must moving forward.

As always, we’ll review my picks from Indy 3 and then move on to Orlando 1. 

FYI: You’re now reading predictions from a hot dog with slaw on it. Think about that and how you got to this point in your life.

Here are my predictions and grades for Indy 3.


Way to go out on a limb Slaw, right? Well, guess what doggies, I NEED TO REBOUND, so suck it. Colt gets it done again and takes one step closer to his first title.

This looked promising for about three turns, then Nichols lawn darted like a damn Power Ranger (shoutout to Jeff Simpson for the reference). He got up and proceeded to pass 300 riders en route to a third.

Slawdiction: 1/2 out of 10.


Not only will Oldenburg make the main, he will actually qualify this time!


Slawdiction: 10000000 out of 10.


I’m really liking what I’m seeing from AP this year. After a rough start to his 450 career, he’s back with Star, the team he won two titles with, and has been super solid through five rounds. I’m not calling another top 5, but I think he lands inside the top 8. He’s good in these conditions.

Plessinger got 11th, so I was only off by three positions. Sue me.

Slawdiction: 3 out of 10. HE WAS OFF BY THREE POSITIONS!


It has to happen eventually, right? Marv has actually been riding pretty well, but crashes and starts have killed him. I don’t think he podiums, but I like him for a top 5.

Hot damn, will you look at that. Not only did Marv get inside the top five, he got his first podium since the opener. I don’t care how it happened, but it did.

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.


Bam Bam was SOOO good on Tuesday. Watching him hold Eli Tomac at bay was liking watching Kobayashi slam a half dozen Oscars, just flawless.

BUT, I don’t think it happens again on Saturday. I don’t know, call me crazy. I think he finishes outside the top 5.

Only Vince Friese could have made this prediction happen!

Slawdiction: 1000 out of 10

On to Orlando 1. Let’s go.

Podium at Home for AC

Bird Dog wrote a ridiculous column earlier this week and while I strongly disagree with most of it, I do think AC finally gets on the podium this weekend at his home race.

Four Straight For Ken

I’m telling you doggies, this is a different Ken Roczen. He’s cool, calm and collected and here to shred the F’ING gnar. Yes, I just typed all that. Ken gets his fourth straight win this weekend. STAMP THAT S***.

Another Podium For Jo

Look, the 250SX East Region ain’t exactly murderers’ row right now, but hey, you gotta be in it to win it, right? Shimoda has back-to-back podiums and has been super consistent in just his second year. I like another podium this weekend.

Top Ten for JB

Indy was NOT good for our boy Justin Brayton. Look, when you get to a certain age, sometimes you just ain’t feeling it. So after three straight races outside the top ten, JB is back this weekend!

BamBam Get His Revenge

Do I think he takes out Friese at some point? Probably. I don’t think it happens this weekend though, as the AMA will be watching closely (maybe). By revenge, I mean Barcia is back on the podium this weekend. LEAD. SLAW. LOCK. OF. THE. WEEK.

Written by Slaw Dog

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