Clueless: Loretta Lynn’s II

With the amateur week staying pretty much dry, you knew the moto gods weren’t going to let the pro boys come down to the Ranch and escape without a little of the wet stuff. Things got messy, lots of things broke down and in general everything hit the fan. We’ve had three different race winners in both classes and the way things are going, we could easily have another three soon enough. Despite it being an abbreviated season, make sure to check out as much action as you can because it’s looking like an epic season. Just don’t go expecting to catch-up on the full races on the TV package website without getting a whole bunch of spoilers…

  • Not saying I’m perfect, but I’d have made a lot of money betting against Tomac to win this outdoor title
  • People just don’t win both titles in a year anymore folks*
  • I’ve heard of turning water into wine, but did NBC really turn the 10 Commandments into a 10-pack?
  • If you have bike problems that stop you from riding practice, you better make sure you’re leading the championship before it happens
  • With all the bikes breaking down, it seems the only machine worth its salt is a Suzuki…
  • Wait a sec…. how TF can that be?
  • Only two riders have been in the top 10 in all four motos of the 450 class
  • Ahhh the old classic “use a different brand of goggle, but change the strap” doo-hickey
  • You did change the strap though, right?
  • Remember when Dylan Ferrandis was looking at an unbeaten season?
  • Completely understand why they didn’t have time to interview Max Anstie… the Olympics have been rescheduled to 2021 and they need to prepare
  • He talks a lot, in case you didn’t get that
  • He is also extremely funny, so hopefully he’ll do it again next week
  • Or whenever the next race is
  • Really didn’t realise Twisted Tea was an alcoholic drink
  • I always thought mud was just a mixture of earth and rain… but LL2 taught me that apparently there can be a different type of mud
  • Yeah, I got no idea on that
  • *fully expects Tomac to go on a roll and win the title now

Main image: Ryne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media


  1. Coney, this “phase” you speak of is still very much in its infancy. Claw is the Law™ Buddy Bo. This train has only just started rolling.

    Also, this 10-pack thing… arggg

Written by Coney Island Dog

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