Clueless: Latvia, All Three of Them

Having recently spent 11 days driving the 50km between Riga and the Kegums motocross track in Latvia, I figured I’d put some pen to paper (metaphorically) and write down some thoughts about the restarting of the MXGP season and the new calendar that has just been released. It’s been so long since I wrote one of these things that I am struggling to remember how to be funny, so please cut me some slack (Just kidding, I’m hilarious).

  • Jeffrey Herlings went 4-4-3-3-4-1 and still extended his lead in the championship
  • It’s almost like he’s trying to win the championship by winning the fewest races
  • Latvian traffic police now take cards, as well as cash
  • GasGas won an MXGP. No seriously.
  • I’ve never seen a rider as tall as Jasikonis need starting blocks
  • The guy who was awarded the second MXGP of Kegums holeshot plaque is awesome
  • Glenn Coldenhoff and Jeremy Seewer are made from adamantium
  • But both came close to breaking their massive uninjured streak
  • Speaking of streaks… Tanel Leok completed his 500th race, but unfortunately his MXoN streak has been broken
  • Cool to see Gajser fans drive all the way from Slovenia to see him race
  • And while AJ fans didn’t need to come as far, they made a LOT of noise
  • Going to a one-day format means everyone still arrives for the standard two-day format, but just sits around a lot more
  • It does make timed qualification a lot more exciting though
  • No one likes an “electrical issue”
  • Can we have two gate drops for MX2… one for Vialle vs Geerts, and then one for the rest
  • Watching three races in a week for SLC was amazing. Working three races in a week is a lot tougher
  • COVID tests are not fun
  • How silly do the people who keep writing Cairoli off look
  • Finally we have an MXGP calendar that might actually happen

Main image: Juan Pablo Acevado

Written by Coney Island Dog

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