Clueless: Ironman

Is anyone else still a little bit weirded out by the fact that motocross is only just starting and we’re almost in September? It’s like we’re in a bonus season of extra action and quite frankly it’s awesome. Normally I’d be stressing about my NFL Fantasy draft (joking, I don’t stress about this because they deliberately schedule my draft at 3 a.m. my time, which still doesn’t stop me stomping their asses) but instead I’m writing about a motocross season that is only three races old. And next up is RedBud. Just great.

  • Pretty sure I told you guys that Tomac would win in Ironman
  • Max, Conor McGregor’s retired, he doesn’t hit people anymore
  • Unless you count old geezers in Irish pubs… ba-boom-tish
  • Glad you’re okay though
  • Good to see Barcia reminding everyone of just how much of a badass he is on a dirtcycle
  • And he even made up with Tomac after the race, isn’t that cute
  • As a mountain biker, I can safely say that I feel Bogle’s pain… tree’s hurt
  • Is Jeremy Martin the Ryan Dungey to Dylan Ferrandis’ Christophe Pourcel?
  • And how can Ferrandis be so dominant, and be only four points ahead?!
  • I’d love to blame the lappers on this occasion, but … errr…
  • Sexton is doing a great job of being Cianciarulo’s shadow
  • As long as the sun is behind the finish line
  • Think about it people
  • Barcia’s whip deserves its own special mention
  • RedBud and July Fourth goes together like a hot day and coleslaw
  • Oh wait…

Main image: Mike Vizer (follow Mike on IG)

Written by Coney Island Dog

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