Clueless: Fox Raceway

Oh the great outdoors, how we’ve missed you. Supercross is fun and all, but this is where everyone really shows their stripes… that’s if they aren’t injured of course.

-There were actually people that didn’t think Jett would be good on a 450

-Those are the people that probably thought that RJ Hampshire would go out and dominate moto 2, like he did moto 1

-Seeing Ryder D and Jett Reynolds on the line, makes me feel old

-But it’s good to see them out there

-There were only five 450 riders who had their best lap time within five seconds of the fastest

-I really liked the scoring box with the top 10 permanently showing, and 11-40 scrolling

-I really hated the “event points” not using the points totals for riders but instead how far they were off from the leader

-I’m not saying the 450 class is weak, but the last time Jose Butron got an MXGP eighth overall, was NEVER

-He never did it, ever, in six years of trying. His best was a ninth, in 2016. That’s seven years ago!

-Why has it taken so long to get one app to watch supercross and motocross

-I like Bubba as a commentator. He’s not perfect but for some reason his errors seem better than RC’s errors

-Some of the angles they use for the start were ridiculous

– I did love the drone footage, and the rider name-tag graphics were a good match

-Sucks if you sponsored any other 450 rider than the Team HRC guys, because you got ZERO coverage…

-Unless they were being lapped

Main image: Pro Motocross/Align Media

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