Which Rider Is Most Likely to Shave Their Mustache First? Short, Schock, or McElrath? Plus More!

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Each week, Slaw, Troy, and Denny Stephenson will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”. Most would call us brilliant.

Who is most likely to win the 450SX Championship?

Slaw Dog: Super original question, Troy. As I’ve written 1000 times here, I’m sticking with Webb. Unlike Troy, I stand behind my picks.

T-Dog: This week I’m going with Jettson.

DBO: That was a big, yet expected really, win by Jett Saturday in Nashville. And like I’ve said multiple times I like the 18. I’m just not ready for him to start winning everything. Be much cooler if Coop was only 3 points down. Rather than 5. But there’s still time for Webb. No matter the weather. To go jacket off & win this sum bitch.

Is Levi Kitchen most likely going to bounce back from his rib injury to win the 250SX West?

Slaw Dog: Again, I already answered this here.

T-Dog: We haven’t heard anything about Levi Kitchen’s condition since Saturday night, so if his ribs are in fact broken, that won’t be too much fun to race with. We even have a Showdown in the mix. I think he can win this championship, but only if Rick fumbles his starts.

DBO: No. This is now Hampshire’s title to win. A new animalistic beast was awoken in Music City for RJ. He told us Monday night on PulpMX. He is more than ready for the war. As he seeks his first ever 250SX title.

A 13-point gap on Haiden Deegan, two rounds left, is Tom Vialle most likely the 2024 East Region Champion?

Slaw Dog: I’m going with Vialle, but Deegan is NOT out of this, especially with an East/West Showdown looming in SLC.

T-Dog: If it were anyone else but Haiden in this situation, I’d say it would be enough of a cushion, yet with Deegs anything is possible. He’s going to do whatever it takes to win in this situation and he’s not scared. There already is a small rivalry brewing between these two and we’re about to witness that get bigger this weekend in Philadelphia. With that being said, 13-points is a lot with only two rounds left. I say that Tom holds on.

DBO: When it’s 4th down & long. You bring out the punter. I used to knock down Haiden’s Dad pretty regularly at our local Nebraska track called White Sands in Ashland. Hopefully Pops remembered those Sunday’s & taught HD well. Only way he wins this title, is to punt Tom into row four, in one of these last two rounds. Guaranteed message boards will meltdown.

Which rider will have the best finish to the SX season Shane McElrath, Dean Wilson, or Justin Hill?

Slaw Dog: I’m going DeanO because it’s his last year and I just want to wish it into existence. 

T-Dog: MY vote is for Sugar Stache McElrath. He’s been underrated all season and I know he will want to close out strong like he did last year.

DBO: McElrath already has a 4th in the mud of San Francisco. Dean has a 10th at San Diego. While Justin is the most recent to break the top 10 with a 9th in Foxborough. With all that said. I see Hill breaking a top 8 finish at Salt Lake. Which will be the best of these three in the final three rounds.

Which riders are most likely to be on Monster Energy Kawasaki next season?

Slaw Dog: This is tough, but I think they stick with their current lineup–Cam, Forkner, Vohland, Kitchen and Hammaker. I mean, why not? They very easily could have had two SX titles this year, and Forkner was shredding before his injury. Also, Max looked really good before he went down as well. Anderson and Prado will be the 450 team.

T-Dog: I was told a month ago by someone who would know that the team is going to be Jorge Prado and Jason Anderson. I didn’t know we were doing the Pro Circuit team. The only change I can see would be maybe Pierce Brown joining the team.

DBO: I think Hammaker is gone to Triumph. And we all know AC is headed into retirement following SLC. So far 2025, I believe Anderson & Prado will be the 450 riders. Kitchen, McAdoo Forkner, Vohland & Pierce Brown will lead the 250 squadron into 250SX.

Is Eli Tomac most likely to race in 2025?

Slaw Dog: Another tough one. I think so. He’s rounding into form and I think the fire is still there. He returns to Star in 2025 and snags at least one more win.

T-Dog: Yes, Tomac will be back in 2025 for another run at the SX title. This will 100% happen.

DBO: I think we see Tomac back healthy, hungry, and ready to snap some necks for 2025 Supercross.

Which rider is most likely to shave their stache first? McElrath, Coty Schock, or John Short?

Slaw Dog: NONE OF THEM BETTER. Amazing staches all around. 

T-Dog: Let’s break this down. Short was born with that mustache, so it won’t be him. Coty Schock told me that his won’t be going anywhere. So, that leaves Shane “Sugar Stache” McElrath with my patented nickname to shave it off first. I’ll ask him about this soon.

DBO: Rumor has it, Club MX will be implementing a Yankees “no facial” hair type rule for its riders. So, Shock & his Mike Horner stache is out. And I made all of that up.

Which Pro Motocross track would you most likely shred the hardest if you could ride it right now?

Slaw Dog: Washougal. The Fro400 is coming and that landscape is absolutely unreal. 

T-Dog: Oh, RedBud without a doubt. I actually rip at RedBud and I’m not just saying that. I beat Nick Desiderio there in a moto once and I even crashed.

DBO: RedBuuuuuud! I would totally crush that one lap.

Which rider is most likely to defeat Weston Peick in an octagon match?

Slaw Dog: I’ll take no one for $500, Alex.

T-Dog: Jo Shimoda volunteered himself to wrestle a bear, so if he’s doing that then Weston will be his next victim.

DBO: What’s behind door #3 Wayne Brady? It is NOT a new car! But it is Tyler Bowers… And, IT’S TIME!

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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