Stories From Loretta’s and Special Guest Jason Weigandt | Winner’s Take Y’all Ep4

This weeks installment of Winner’s Take Y’all features epic stories revolving around different trips to Lorettas in the early ’90s with our old buddy and somehow the ending always being the same. 

The show also welcomes Jason Weigandt as our official guest, if you want to call it that. He’s honestly just one of the crew and the stories are endless.

Through the use of science and technology we FINALLY get a former factory rider to tell us what he really thinks and it’s dazzling. Our FBI voice module creates a safe place for riders to speak out without fear of being outed. We don’t know what we are talking about so listen closely and follow us on Instagram where you might win absolutely nothing at all!!!

Listen below or search for the Vurbmoto Podcast Network wherever you listen to pods.

Written by Kevin Kelly

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