Slawdictions For Arlington 1: Top Five for Mr. Fried

Everything is bigger in Texas or some shit, especially Slaw Dog’s! Monster Energy Supercross is about to embarked on a three race shindig in T E X A S and Slaw is here with some flaming hot bold predictions which are typically 99 percent accurate. 

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As always, we’ll review my picks from Daytona and then move on to Arlington 1.


Justin Cooper that is. With Jeremy Martin sidelined due to a shoulder injury, I just don’t see who will challenge Cooper at Daytona. I mean, he’s not even 100 percent and won the West Region opener. 

Starts, man. Starts!

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


This is a flaming hot bold prediction. Hunter Lawrence has raced three supercross races. Just three. BUT, I think he’ll excel at the more outdoor-sy Daytona track and grab his first career podium. 

Hunter won his heat race, which last time I checked, gets you on the podium. Slaw didn’t say he would PODIUM in the main event!

Slawdiction: 10000 out of 10.


Out of all 100 rookies that debuted at O2, I was most impressed with Seth Hammaker. Kid just looked legit and honestly it was quite surprising. I think he’ll do well again this weekend and sneak into the top five.

SETH WAS ON HIS WAY TO A TOP FIVE BEFORE CRASHING IN THE SAND NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. I blame this squarely on the GOAT and his decision to put SAND on a supercross track.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


I know I kind of sort of said I was done with Eli Tomac. But, man, how do you bet against this dude at Daytona? You can’t. For extra Slaw, I think he picks up his first win since round 2. 

Shoutout to my boy Jeff Simpson for this one!

Slawdiction: 90099090909090909099090990 out of 10.


LEAD. SLAW. LOCK. OF. THE. WEEK. BamBam has been super impressive lately. If not for a Vince Friese, he would have four straight top five finishes. That continues this weekend with his fourth podium of the year. 

Just wasn’t Bam’s night. What more can I say. WE will regroup this weekend though.

Slawdiction: 0 out fo 10.

Now on to Arlington/Dallas/Dallas Fort-Worth 1

Nothing Happens with Ken and Coop

Look, this rivalry is certainly real and goes back a few years. It got heated over the weekend at Daytona, but I think that Ken has had a few days to reflect on it, and both dudes are veterans and won’t risk destroying their championship. So, yeah, nothing happens this weekend out of the ordinary.

Tomac Won’t Go Back-to-Back

Eli Tomac got his season back on the rails at a track that, honestly, he’s supposed to win at. Daytona and Eli go together like a fine dog and Slaw. This weekend we return to a more normal supercross track and I think Eli finishes around third.

250 Podium

Oh, boy, the injuries have piled up in the West Region and it’s looking more and more like the 250 East Region: aka, very top heavy. My podium prediction this weekend is pretty much a lock, so consider that when reading this. Justin Cooper, Cameron McAdoo and Garrett Marchbanks will round out the podium this weekend.

Top 10 For Bogle

Yesterday, the moto community came together and got Bogle a much needed second bean bag chair for his apartment. We’ve yet to hear from him, but we’re pretty sure this will propel him to a season best finish this weekend.

Top 5 for Anderson

It’s been an up and down year for Mr. Fried, but I think he bounces back this weekend. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK ALERT: top five for Anderson on Saturday.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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