Cameron McAdoo Details Insane Atlanta 2 Crash in New Video

We all remember the insane crash that Cameron McAdoo had at Atlanta 2 which earned him the “Most Savage Dude of the Year” award from us here at Vurb. 

It was a vicious hit and one that we HATE to see to any rider, much less one in a title hunt. But the fact that the dude pleaded his case on live TV and then lined up with no damn number plate is absolutely jaw dropping. Then he went on to podium!

Monster Energy just released a new video where McAdoo breaks down the crash, his recovery and more. 

“The crash was obviously crazy,” he said after Atlanta 2. “I just re-saw it. I hit my leg really, really bad and I couldn’t move it. I was struggling to get my leg back moving. I was doing my best to get up. I was wanting to go back to my bike. I had the medics kind of tell me, “You probably shouldn’t.” I was like, “No. I want to go back.” Then they helped me down the jump. I was telling them stop. But I got back to my bike after they red flagged it and rode back and just told them I want to race, I’m okay. Obviously [Doctor] Bodnar came over and they checked me out thoroughly because they were concerned about my head. I passed all the tests. My bike was mangled, so the mechanics did the best they could. [Laughs] They were taping shrouds on, zip-tying stuff because everything fell apart. My bars were really rolled back and pretty bent, but I didn’t even really realize that so much until I came around the first turn. I don’t think I got the holeshot, but I was leading. It was tough. It was a tough race. About five minutes in when the adrenaline kind of wore off, I really realized how beat up I was. I’m pretty sore now.”

Check it out below. 

Main image: Octopi Media

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