5 Things We Learned, Atlanta 3: Shark in the Water

McAdoo, It’s Time to Stop

No one will ever say he didn’t try. Hell, no one will ever say he’s not one of the toughest kids on the track. He’s taken repeated hits and continued to get up. But at some point the “never stop fighting” mentality needs to turn into an “it’s time to stop” mentality. That’s unfortunate, but it’s what’s best.

McAdoo will learn from this year. I honestly think his will to win was too much. He was too aggressive. Too tough. Too, well, everything. He’ll grow from this, learn to turn the volume down just a notch and focus in on his craft. I do believe he’ll win a championship next year, but this is Justin Cooper’s title. He earned it.

Atlanta was the BEST

I’ll say it, and you’ll probably say I’m biased, but I’ll say it anyways. Atlanta was by far the best stop in the series. The track was absolutely badass, the racing was iconic, the crashes were insane (although we don’t like crashes), and while the points didn’t end as close as we thought at one point, no round has produced the same fireworks at Atlanta.

What are the odds they skip out on the dome and bring this thing back to Road Atlanta in 2022? Seeing as we’re all powerful here at Vurb we’ll throw our influence around and see what we can do. #claytona2022

Cooper Webb is a Shark

He said it perfectly. “I saw Ken after his mistake and I smelled blood in the water.” His ability to ramp up and out sprint everyone at the end of a race is unparalleled. What else is there to say? He’s done this time and time again and this time it likely put this title on ice. 


Nate Thrasher has had the strangest rookie season we’ve ever seen. He began the year with 11-20-10-9-9 finishes before taking a surprising win at Atlanta 1 after having to go through the LCQ. He was good again at Atlanta 2, then the dude goes out and does the same damn thing at Atlanta 3. He goes through the LCQ and then rides to his second win of the season. We can’t explain this.

Cooper Wraps It Up

Justin Cooper did what he needed to do in Atlanta going 2-1-2 and putting this West Region title on ice. He’s up 20 with just the East/West Showdown to go and unless he somehow doesn’t finish Salt Lake City, he’ll wrap up his first career title. 

Main image: KTM Images

Written by Bird Dog

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