Troy Dog’s Shack: 250 Class PSA: Chill Down, Bro

I’m not quite sure what is in the water with the 250 classes this year. Maybe it has to do with the class searching for new superstars. Maybe it has to do with the constant pressure within an athlete’s mind to succeed. Maybe it has to do with a long off season of hype and preparation. Maybe it’s a mix of all these things. Either way every 250 rider this year needs to CHILL THE **** OUT!

I have watched and understood about 25 years of professional and amateur races. Something is in the water this season with the 250 classes. You riders need to calm yourselves and at least make it through the first round uninjured. A ton of hype and pressure resides on the opener, but you must remember that you can throw your entire season away at the first round by riding over your head.

If you’ve made it through the first two paragraphs, I commend you, because that was super boring. I promised my sponsors I would be nicer in my posts and now that they are finished reading, it is time to get to the real talk! Guys look, it is time to shit or get off the pot. If you are a five year plus veteran in the 250 class and you are injured every year you need to reevaluate your life. You cannot come out swinging like Tiger Wood’s wife (thanks Ludacris for the reference ten years ago). Riders who once showed great promise for a championship are now in their mid-twenties and get hurt every time they wash their front end. I do not understand that. Do you reach a certain time in your life when your bones become glass? Asking for several riders here, who continue to get rides based on one season of good results, four years ago.

You might think I enjoy pooping on the 250 class. I really do not enjoy it, but someone must do it. Troy Dog, like you, enjoys watching an amazing series. Is the 250 East an amazing series at the break? Uhhh, that is going to be a no from me dog. Everyone pooped their pants and forgot who they were for five minutes and crashed out. We have two 25 plus riders on the best bikes in the field going after a championship, yawn. Grant Harlan, yes that Grant Harlan, is single handily saving this class for me. He is in his second year as a pro for those of you who might not have known (cough cough, I miss Ralph). I like Har Dog and I check up with him once a week in my weekly Grant Harlan Check-In presented by vurbmoto.

The 250 East Region is flushed with young prospects that are eager to blossom into perennial superstars. You need to walk before you run here boys. If you can get through the first couple of rounds uninjured then you are on your way to building more confidence than a rather large gentleman on a trampoline. Prove you worth by staying healthy, consistent, and work your way up in the results that way. If you constantly send it you are going to end up hurt and missing out on the good results, money, and Monster chicks. Just chill bro, we have like seven more rounds left to go. If you stay up everyone else who is not taking my advice will crash out and you will win the championship with 8-7-6-5-9-8-4-5-7 scores.

In closing, I just want to see the 250 class stay healthy and right now both regions are dropping like flies. Two titles will be won and in the end no one will really remember who was hurt or who finished where. However, next year when the same riders on the same teams get hurt again, come to me and we can all cry together.

Main image: Feld


Written by Troy Dog

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