Amateur Roundup: Loretta’s Regional Report Week 2

Welcome back to the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup where each week or so I will bring you the latest in Amateur Motocross.

As the second week of Loretta’s Regional Qualifiers comes to a close, we saw three more regions punching tickets to the Ranch with some heavy hitters taking to the track. Last weekend, we had the Southeast Amateur Regional at Gatorback MX, the Southwest Regional Qualifier at Fox Raceway, and the Mid East Amateur Regional at RedBud MX. Just like I said last week, the next few weeks are very crucial in the Amateur Motocross World for riders and families alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable results from last weekend. I cannot list every result below or this would be so long that no one would read any of it. I want to highlight a few of the classes that are always very competitive at the Ranch.

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RedBud MX Mid-East Amateur Regional

Open Pro Sport

  1. Matti Jorgensen 1-2-1
  2. Mitchell Frantz 3-3-4
  3. Austin Kapoukranidis 1-8-2
  4. Jesse Wessell 2-5-7
  5. Mitchell Zaremba 3-6-6
  6. Keegan Rowley 5-7-9

250 Pro Sport

  1. Preston Masciangelo 2-6-1
  2. Matti Jordensen 1-3-6
  3. Jesse Wessell 7-1-3
  4. Keegan Rowley 5-2-5
  5. Austin Kapoukranidis 3-8-2
  6. Peyton Jackson 6-4-4

The Pro Sport classes are always one of the fastest and most exciting classes wherever you go, and RedBud was no exception. We saw one of the standout riders from last year in the B Class at Loretta Lynn National Championship, Matti Jorgenson, grab a few moto wins and punch his ticket to the Ranch in both 250 and Open Pro Sport classes. Austin Kapourkranidis, Jesse Wessell, and Keegan Rowley also qualified last weekend.


  1. Landin Pepperd 1-2-1
  2. Krystian Janik 1-1-2
  3. Jaxen Driskell 3-3-6
  4. Ronald Johnson 4-6-3
  5. Wyatt McGrath 3-7-4
  6. Sage Lewis 5-5-7


  1. Krystian Janik 1-1-1
  2. Landin Pepperd 1-2-2
  3. Wyatt McGrath 2-3-4
  4. Jaxen Driskell 3-5-5
  5. Ronald Johnson 2-6-6
  6. Broc Henry 4-8-3

Krystian Janik and Landin Pepperd traded wins in the B Classes last weekend. They were in different heats for the first motos which is why you will see they both won their first motos. The Team Green Kawasaki rider, Krystian Janik, is headed into Loretta’s as another one of the favorites in a stacked crop of B Class riders.


  1. Linkin Sarauer 1-1-1
  2. Mackenzye Brocato 2-2-2
  3. Shelby Rolen 4-5-4
  4. Ashley Fiolek 3-9-3
  5. Anyssia Ingersoll6-4-6
  6. Sidnee Mason 5-3-8

Take a look at the name of the rider that finished fourth last weekend at RedBud. Looks like we will see the return of Ashley Fiolek this year at the Ranch!

Gatorback Southeast Amateur Regional

One of the most competitive regions in the country, the Southeast Amateur Regional at Gatorback was full of big-name amateur motocross stars. With a large number of training facilities located in the southeast United States, it is no surprise that we see such a stacked class of riders coming out of Gatorback.

Open Pro Sport

  1. Daxton Bennick 1-1-1
  2. Bryce Shelly 2-2-2
  3. Heath Harrison 11-4-3
  4. Fermin Ciccimarra 6-6-6
  5. Tyler Mollet 9-5-6
  6. Garyson Smith 5-7-8

250 Pro Sport

  1. Daxton Bennick 2-1-1
  2. Trevin Nelson 3-2-2
  3. Bryce Shelly 5-3-3
  4. Fermin Ciccimarra 4-4-6
  5. Leo Tucker 6-7-5
  6. Michael Mcling 12-6-4

Daxton Bennick dominated last weekend, winning almost every moto. Gavin Towers would end up winning the first moto of 250 Pro Sport but would not start the remaining two motos of 250 Pro Sport nor any of the Open Pro Sport motos. I have not seen any updates on his social media so I am hoping we will see Gavin again this year at the Ranch as I know he is coming off an injury towards the end of last year.


  1. Casey Cochran 2-1-1
  2. Drew Adams 1-3-2
  3. Logan Best 4-2-3
  4. Ryder Malinoski 5-5-5
  5. Ryder Gwynn 8-7-4
  6. Rodrigo Borges 7-6-8

Schoolboy 2

  1. Casey Cochran 1-1-2
  2. Alexander Fedortsov 3-2-3
  3. Drew Adams 4-5-1
  4. Logan Best 2-4-4
  5. Rodrigo Borges 5-7-5
  6. Hayden Bone 9-8-6

Looking at the names listed in almost every B Class and Schoolboy 2, you should see some you recognize. Casey Cochran coming off of a very successful Supercross Futures stint takes home a few number 1 plates from Gatorback edging out the likes of Drew Adams, Logan Best, and plenty more talented riders.


  1. Mike Brown 1-1-1
  2. Heath Harrison 2-2-2
  3. Justin Kurtz 8-5-4
  4. Dustin Jensen 3-10-5
  5. David Lambeth 6-3-9
  6. Michael Clarke 4-13-3

While I am not surprised, it is amazing that Mike Brown can still handle business in the 25+ class AND the 50+ class. It is truly amazing.

Fox Raceway Southwest Regional

Similar to Washougal’s Regional qualifier last week, the Southwest Regional includes both small and big bike classes at one Regional event.

250 Pro Sport

  1. Julien Beaumer 2-1
  2. Brad West 1-2
  3. Parker Ross 4-4
  4. Preston Boespflug 3-6
  5. Noah Viney 7-3
  6. Kyler Wise 5-5

While we see a few familiar names on this list from the Washougal Regional, we have Julien Beaumer and Noah Viney punching their tickets to the Ranch, adding even more depth to the Pro Sport Classes at the Ranch.


  1. Nicolas Israel 1-1
  2. Aden Keefer 3-3
  3. Enzo Temmerman 2-4
  4. Reven Gordon 5-2
  5. Jackson Glathar 6-5
  6. Sage Powers 8-6

250B Limited

  1. Leum Oehlhof 1-1
  2. Reven Gordon 3-2
  3. Jeremy Fappani 2-3
  4. Cade Bradley 5-4
  5. Sage Pwoers 7-5
  6. Logan Edwards 6-7

I am starting to feel like a broken record, but I cannot stress enough the amount of talent in the B Classes this year. We have a number of guys in both the Mod classes and Limited classes that can win at any time. A few have moved up from the Supermini/Schoolboy 1 classes this year with Leum Oehlhof, Reven Gordon, Jeremy Fappani, and more. Plus a few experienced big bike guys like Aden Keefer and Nicolas Israel. Keep an eye on every name you see listed above at the ranch.

Mini Sr 1

  1. Vincent Wey 2-1
  2. Dane Pappas 1-3
  3. Aidan Zingg 6-2
  4. Lucca Modica 7-4
  5. Jacob Garcia 4-10
  6. Connor Calnan 10-5

Supermini 1

  1. Landen Gordon 1-1
  2. Cole Timboe 2-2
  3. Max Shane 3-3
  4. Vincent Wey 4-4
  5. Aidan Zingg 5-6
  6. Brandon Bui 7-5

All of the Supermini and Mini Sr classes are highly competitive at almost every race so I can’t wait to see these kids do battle at the Ranch. You see Vincent Wey coming home with solid finishes in both of these classes plus a few that I have not listed as well as Landen Gordon taking the win in Supermini 1 and qualifying in Schoolboy 1. While every class at the Ranch is worthy of watching, these are a few of the most competitive each year.

This will wrap up the Amateur Roundup for the week, we are about halfway through the run of Regional Qualifiers so there is still a lot of time to punch your ticket to the show. I will be back next week with more coverage of the Regional Qualifiers. Coming up this weekend we will have four Regions kicking off from coast to coast. Budds Creek will host the Northeast Amateur Regional, the Mid-East Youth Regional will be at Baja Acres, the North Central Amateur Regional will be at Spring Creek , and we will have the Midwest Youth/Amateur Regional at Prairie City OHV also known as Hangtown. Good luck to all and I will be back next week with more updates.

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