Amateur Roundup: Loretta’s Regional Report Week 3

Welcome back to the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup where each week or so I will bring you the latest in Amateur Motocross.

In comparison to how the past few weekends went, last weekend was a little slow in terms of Amateur Regional action. We had the South-Central Youth Regional at Ponca City out in Oklahoma and that was it. After last weekend, there is one more weekend of Regional Qualifiers and both are Youth Regionals. What that means is that all the big bike classes, with the exception of Schoolboy 1 (yes, I know you can ride a 125 in that class), are finalized. We still have the Northeast and North Central Youth Regionals to run next weekend so there is still a chance to qualify on a small bike, but we are about at the end of the road.

South-Central Youth Regional at Ponca City

Schoolboy 1

  1. Tiger Wood 4-1-2
  2. Landon Hartz 2-2-4
  3. Adler Caudle 3-5-5
  4. Carter Malcom 7-6-3
  5. Alessandro Carminati 6-7-6
  6. Codee Samples 5-8-7

125 B/C

  1. Tiger Wood 1-3-1
  2. Trinnytie Batchelor 3-1-2
  3. Adler Caudle 2-11-3
  4. Jesson Turner 4-8-5
  5. Carter Malcom 5-9-4
  6. Codee Samples 10-2-9

In both the 125 classes, we saw Tiger Wood take the overall wins. This will be Tiger’s first full year on the 125 and then we’ll see him transition to big bikes. A lot of eyes will be on Tiger this year to see how that transition will go. One notable name that I have not seen qualify for Loretta’s yet is Kade Johnson. Kade raced both 125 B/C and Schoolboy 1 but finished 7th and 12th respectively. I am not sure exactly what is going on, but he did DNF the third moto of Schoolboy 1 after 1-4 scores in the first two motos. I know Kade has been grinding away so I would like to think he will travel to one the last two remaining Regionals to get his ticket to the Ranch.

85cc (10-12)

  1. Wyatt Thurman 1-2-1
  2. Elliott Bowsher 2-3-2
  3. Darren Pine 1-1-6
  4. Ryder Lee 2-4-3
  5. Maddixx Perque 3-5-5
  6. Colin Galiardo 5-6-4

Mini Sr 1

  1. Darren Pine 1-1-1
  2. Austin Camden 1-4-2
  3. Colby Lessar 2-2-3
  4. Jake Willis 4-6-6
  5. Alex Howard 4-5-7
  6. Maddixx Perque 6-3-8

Well, well, well, look who got their ticket to the Ranch. My man Darren Pine. Earlier this year, Darren won a whole bunch of titles at Freestone over some pretty gnarly dudes. While he will not be able to stack up as many titles as he did at Freestone, I look for Darren to have a very productive year at the Ranch. After Freestone, there is no denying he is a threat for the title. Let’s not forget a few other names on this list though. I see two other Loretta’s champions in these results with the likes of Wyatt Thurman and Elliott Bowsher. There is some talent coming out of this region.

Supermini 1

  1. Deacon Denno 1-1-1
  2. McKayden Fitch 2-3-3
  3. Cody Wells 2-2-4
  4. Jett Kellogg 3-6-2
  5. Lorenzo Diaz 4-4-7
  6. Kannon Hargrove 3-7-6

Supermini 2

  1. Deacon Denno 1-1-1
  2. Jett Kellogg 3-3-2
  3. Bradyn Johnson 2-5-3
  4. Nathan Hummel 6-2-5
  5. Max Bowling 4-9-6
  6. Kannon Hargrove 8-4-7

So, this is a big one for me as well. Deacon Denno won all six motos at this Regional three months after breaking his femur. Deacon broke his femur earlier this year at Freestone and has put on one hell of a recovery to get back on the bike. In just a little over two months, Deacon was back riding his bike. If you have ever broken your femur, you know just how tough that is to do. Two months after breaking my femur I was barely able to walk unassisted, let alone ride a dirtbike. Deacon Denno you are one gnarly dude and I will be rooting for you at the Ranch.

That will wrap up the Amateur Roundup for this week, we have one weekend of Regionals left and then we are off to the Ranch in a little over a month. There are a few names that still need to punch their tickets to the Ranch, but for those who have, this is the time to continue working to make sure you a ready. It’s hot, it’s humid, and the motos are much longer at the Ranch. It will be very easy to tell who has been putting in the work and who hasn’t.

Stay tuned next week for results from the final weekend of Regionals at Unadilla and Lincoln Trail.

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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