Amateur Roundup: Loretta’s Regional Report Week 3

Welcome back to the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup where each week or so I will bring you the latest in amateur motocross.

It was a busy week in the world of amateur motocross, as we had four Regions racing last weekend. The Northeast Amateur Regional was at Budds Creek, the Mid-East Youth Regional was at Baja Acres, Spring Creek hosted the North Central Amateur Regional, and Hangtown hosted the Mid-West Youth/Amateur Regional. It is not unusual for the best tracks in the country to host Regional Qualifiers and this weekend was no exception with three out of the four tracks being Pro Motocross stops and the fourth holding a major amateur event with Baja Brawl.

I’m personally getting very excited for Loretta Lynn’s this year. Writing this segment has me paying more attention than ever to the amateur ranks and there is a lot of talent spread across every class. I believe we will see some exciting battles play out at the Ranch this year. It sounds like we have some exciting plans lined up for Loretta’s week so stay tuned to the Vurbmoto social channels leading up to Loretta’s and the week of. 

Budds Creek Northeast Amateur Regional

I have to start things off with the Budds Creek Amateur Regional for obvious reasons. I didn’t get to attend this one as I had some prior plans, but Cody Darr (@co_darr327) was out there to cover the action for us. You can check out his gallery here.

Open Pro Sport

  1. Dakota Kessler 1-1-1
  2. Derek Leatherman 2-2-6
  3. Preston Masciangelo 4-6-2
  4. Kimble Jett 3-5-5
  5. Gavin Towers 5-7-3
  6. Leo Tucker 6-4-8

250 Pro Sport

  1. Gavin Towers 1-1-2
  2. Preston Masciangelo 2-2-1
  3. Kimble Jett 4-3-4
  4. Derek Leatherman 6-4-3
  5. Ragan Cochran 5-5-6
  6. Carson Eads 7-6-7

One of the big stories out of this class was Gavin Towers. I wrote about him earlier in the week and I don’t want to repeat myself. You can go read it here. Aside from Towers, we saw New Jersey’s Dakota Kessler putting on a clinic in both Open Pro Sport and 25+. Dakota has been around these parts for a while now and is always fast. Cody Darr’s guy, Derek Leatherman, punched two tickets to the Ranch as well.


  1. Reece Wheaton 3-1-1
  2. Logan Riggins 4-3-2
  3. Mason Nettleton 1-2-6
  4. Robert Thomas 2-4-5
  5. Ronnie Snyder 10-6-3
  6. Jacob Stevens 8-7-8


  1. Maddison Booth 3-3-2
  2. Mason Jacquier 2-6-1
  3. Caden Shubert 9-2-4
  4. Jacob Stevens 6-4-5
  5. Elijah Hall 6-5-7
  6. Seth Kready 4-9-6

Schoolboy 2

  1. Jared Hannon 1-1-3
  2. Mason Nettleton 3-2-2
  3. Mason Jacquier 2-4-6
  4. Trevor Hazlett 6-6-1
  5. Connor Mowry 4-3-8
  6. Greyson Watkins 5-7-5

 Baja Acres Mid-East Youth Regional

The little bikes took on the sand at Baja Acres last weekend and we saw a few heavy hitters in the small bike classes.

85cc (10-12)

  1. Wyatt Duff 2-1-1
  2. Tayce Morgan 1-2-2
  3. Colt Martin 1-3-3
  4. Carson Shelton 4-4-10
  5. Hunter Porco 6-6-8
  6. Oscar Joseph 4-12-6

Wyatt Duff and Tayce Morgan punched their tickets to the Ranch at Baja. Both are names to keep an eye on for the week of Loretta’s as both are title threats. Wyatt Duff is returning to the 85cc Class at Loretta’s for the second time, while Tayce Morgan moved up from the 65cc Class after last years Amateur National Championship. Both have strung together solid results starting at Mini O’s last year.

Supermini 1

  1. Seth Dennis 1-1-2
  2. Jonathan Getz 2-2-1
  3. Nicholas Stefancik 3-3-4
  4. Aidan Bailey 3-9-3
  5. Benjamin Moya 4-5-6
  6. Nathan Hummel 1-6-8

Supermini 2

  1. Seth Dennis 1-1-2
  2. Jonathan Getz 4-2-1
  3. Brody Barth 2-4-3
  4. Benjamin Moya 3-3-6
  5. Mason Raynor 4-5-5
  6. Grant McDonald 5-7-4

Seth Dennis takes both Supermini classes with Jonathan Getz finishing second in each class. Both riders are coming off of top 10 results in the 85cc class at Loretta’s last year with Seth Dennis taking second in Mini Sr 1 and third in 85cc (10-12). Seth and Jonathan are title threats in Supermini 1 and 2 depending on the two classes they choose to ride at the Ranch.

Schoolboy 1

  1. Caody Harrington 1-4-1
  2. William Canaguier 5-2-2
  3. Riley Busse 3-5-4
  4. Chace Lawton 7-3-3
  5. Dylan Sullivan 6-1-6
  6. Trinnytie Batchelor 2-6-9

Spring Creek North Central Amateur Regional

Another stop on the Pro Motocross schedule to have a Regional Qualifier, we saw the North Central Region doing battle on Mount Martin at Spring Creek MX in Millville, MN.

Open Pro Sport

  1. Joshua Boaz 1-1-1
  2. Evan Ferry 3-2-5
  3. Preston Taylor 4-7-2
  4. Eddie Norred 2-4-8
  5. William Stockland 9-5-4
  6. Tyler Skodras 8-9-3

250 Pro Sport

  1. Iziah Clark 3-1-1
  2. Evan Ferry 1-2-3
  3. Joshua Boaz 2-3-2
  4. Conner Burger 4-6-5
  5. Preston Taylor 6-5-6
  6. Cody Williams 10-4-4

It is good to see Evan Ferry qualifying in both Pro Sport classes this year. Lil Red Dog’s trip to the Ranch was cut a little short last year by illness so I look for him to rebound in a big way this year.  


  1. Ryder Malinoski 1-1-1
  2. Dominic Felty 8-2-2
  3. Mason Hulsey 6-3-3
  4. Bradon Espe-Tiegs 3-5-4
  5. Edgar Lewis 4-7-7
  6. Josh Bowman 7-11-5


  1. Ryder Malinoski 1-1-1
  2. Tommy Callow 3-2-3
  3. Cason Pinkston 2-8-2
  4. Josh Bowman 5-3-4
  5. Brett Heidorn 4-4-5
  6. Reece Clason 7-6-7

Ryder Malinoski swept both 250B and 450B, winning all six motos to punch his tickets to the Ranch. That is an impressive feat as it appears this will be his first trip to Loretta’s. Please correct me if I am wrong, but according to the Vault and AMA, this will be his first time.

Hangtown Mid-West Amateur/Youth Regional

The final Regional Qualifier in the Western Region took place at the legendary Prairie City OHV, aka Hangtown.

Open Pro Sport

  1. Jacob Hayes 1-1
  2. Parker Ross 2-2
  3. Kyle Wise 3-3
  4. Dayton Briggs 5-4
  5. Jaxon Pascal 4-7
  6. Connor Lords 8-6

250 Pro Sport

  1. Parker Ross 1-1
  2. Kyle Wise 2-2
  3. Kile Epperson 4-3
  4. Dylan Cunha 3-5
  5. Kyler Brabec 7-8
  6. Connor Lords 6-9

Jacob Hayes will be returning to the Ranch after going 1-1 in Open Pro Sport as well as 25+. This will be his first trip back since 2011. Parker Ross finishes just behind him in Open Pro Sport while taking the 250 Pro Sport class qualifying in both.

Schoolboy 2

  1. Nate Freehill 1-1
  2. Wryder Huffman 2-4
  3. Owen Bills 7-2
  4. J.J. Concannon 6-3
  5. Kaden Marple 4-5
  6. Logan Edwards 3-6

Nate Freehill went 1-1 in Schoolboy 2, but my entry for Slaw Dog’s Annual Ranking of the Best Names at Loretta Lynns, Owen Bills, took a solid third place with 7-2 motos.

Supermini 1

  1. Aidan Zingg 1-1
  2. Christopher Harris 2-2
  3. Crew Ketten 3-4
  4. Oliver Weitzel 5-5
  5. Rossi Shumate 4-6
  6. Aydan Handran 7-7

This will wrap up the Amateur Roundup for this week. There are only a few Regional Qualifiers left to make Loretta’s with one at Lincoln Trail this weekend and two the following weekend at Unadilla and Ponca City. As I said earlier, I am very excited for Loretta Lynn’s this year. There are a number of championship threats in each class, but I believe the B Classes will still have the best battles at the Ranch.

Stay tuned to for more results from the final three Regional Qualifiers and to stay up to date with what you can expect from us at the Ranch.

Main image: Cody Darr

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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