Amateur Roundup: Loretta’s Regional Report Week 4

Welcome back to the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup where each week or so I will bring you the latest in Amateur Motocross.

Before I get started, I just want to let Nic Hayes and the entire Hayes family know that we are thinking of them. Nic Hayes, two-time Loretta’s champion, had a crash over the weekend resulting in a fractured C6 and C7 vertebrae. Multiple tracks and companies in the Mid-Atlantic have fundraisers set up for the Hayes family who will need some assistance in the coming months. We all know this sport is brutal at times. Nic is by far one of the nicest guys in the pits no matter what. Thinking of you, Nic.

Well, that is a wrap for Loretta Lynn’s Regional qualifiers. Tickets were punched at Unadilla and Lincoln Trail over the weekend in the final two Regionals of the year. With the Regionals being complete, the roster for the Ranch is almost complete. There is still an opportunity for alternates to get into their respective classes in the event of an injury or other unforeseen circumstances, but for the most part, the roster is complete.

Let’s take a look at a few notable results from the weekend.


Unadilla Youth Regional

Schoolboy 1

  1. Owen Covell 2-2-1
  2. Austin Schafer 3-4-3
  3. Connor Mowry 4-6-2
  4. Cole Szestakow 6-3-4
  5. Vittorio Fazio 8-7-6
  6. Anthony Hill 7-13-5

125 B/C

  1. Connor Mowry 2-3-2
  2. Owen Covell 7-2-1
  3. Christian Merman 1-1-9
  4. Clayton Stockstill 5-4-6
  5. Anthony Hill 6-6-4
  6. Michael Cuadra 4-5-7

Owen Covell, Connor Mowry, and Anthony Hill all got it done in both 125 classes. Christian Merman almost went six-for-six in moto wins with 1-1-DNF in Schoolboy 1 and 1-1-9 in 125B/C after a bad start in the third moto. Christian already has his ticket in Schoolboy 1 so he pulled off in the final moto. My man Clayton Stockstill also punched his ticket to the Ranch at Unadilla last weekend.

Supermini 1

  1. Matthew Williams 1-2-3
  2. Henry Vagele 2-6-2
  3. Brayden Carpenter 1-1-8
  4. Michael Gurda 3-8-4
  5. Tanner Dorman 5-3-7
  6. Caiden West 6-5-5

Supermini 2

  1. Matthew Williams 2-2-1
  2. Brayden Carpenter 1-3-7
  3. Lincoln Bartholomew 3-6-4
  4. Tanner Dorman 2-8-5
  5. Jacob Hauck 9-7-2
  6. Mitch Pierce 5-10-3

Matthew Williams takes both Supermini classes last weekend at Unadilla. Talking with Cody Darr yesterday, it sounds like Matt was on it. Brayden Carpenter and Tanner Dorman also punched their tickets to the Ranch in both classes.

65cc 10-11 Limited

  1. Talon Medaglia 2-2-1
  2. Cayden Thomas 3-1-2
  3. Bryce Danhower 4-6-5
  4. Tyler Sztancsik 2-10-4
  5. Jett Overstreet 1-5-10
  6. Samuel Hacuk 3-11-3

65cc 7-9 Limited

  1. Steven Green Jr 1-1-1
  2. Easton Luttrell 3-3-4
  3. Micah Nix 3-2-5
  4. Carter Holmes 2-7-4
  5. Forrest McPherson 17-3-2
  6. Carter Schutte 6-8-8

As I scrolled through the results from last weekend, two names stood out to me. One was Talon Medaglia, who is the son of Canadian racer Tyler Medaglia, friend of PulpMX. The second is Steven Green Jr. I met SJ and his dad a few years ago while he was still on 50s at Budds Creek and he was someone who you could tell was a great rider. SJ was going faster a lot faster than everyone else in his class and I am glad to see him make another trip to the Ranch.

Lincoln Trail Youth Regional

Schoolboy 1

  1. Cade Groen 3-3-5
  2. Kade Johnson 10-1-1
  3. Tristan Dalton 6-2-4
  4. Johnathan Yelton 1-4-7
  5. Gavin Templen 5-7-8
  6. Robert Soucy 13-6-2

125 B/C

  1. Tristan Dalton 2-1-1
  2. Kade Johnson 3-2-8
  3. Milo Maas 6-5-4
  4. Cade Groen 1-10-6
  5. Jamison Mutchler 10-4-5
  6. Jonathan Yelton 4-9-7

I am glad to see Kade Johnson’s name on this list in both classes. It seemed that Kade had some struggles early in the year but was able to secure his tickets to the Ranch in both Schoolboy 1 and 125 B/C. These are two of the more competitive classes every year, so I am excited to see what Kade can do.

Supermini 1

  1. Nicholas Stefancik 1-1-1
  2. Brody Barth 3-2-2
  3. Dakota Baker 1-4-3
  4. Kyler Hagedorn 2-5-7
  5. Jevan Didier 3-3-9
  6. Nathaniel Orr 9-8-5

Supermini 2

  1. Nicholas Stefancik 1-3-1
  2. Dakota Baker 2-1-2
  3. Gunnar Heikkila 4-2-4
  4. Gentre Wiskur 2-9-3
  5. Kane Bollasina 1-6-8
  6. Cash Peterson 6-5-5

Nicholas Stefancik gets 5 out of 6 moto wins in Supermini 1 and 2 and punches his tickets to the Ranch in both. Dakota Baker also secures his spot at the Ranch in both Supermini classes as well.

Mini Sr 1

  1. Dakota Baker 3-2-1
  2. Ryder Skodras 2-5-2
  3. Mayla Herrick 1-6-3
  4. Jevan Didier 1-7-5
  5. Logan Webb 3-3-7
  6. Kane Bollasina 2-1-12

Mini Sr 2

  1. Brody Barth 1-2-1
  2. Kane Bollasina 3-1-3
  3. Dakota Baker 2-3-5
  4. Ryder Skodras 7-5-2
  5. Jevan Didier 4-6-4
  6. Jake Willis 5-8-6

That is going to wrap up the Amateur Roundup for this week and the Loretta Lynn Regional qualifiers. From here, it is all about riding and training to get ready for the longer motos at the Ranch. Regional Qualifiers are gnarly races and I commend anyone who is able to make it through. This is shaping up to be a good year at the Ranch and I am excited to get back. We have some pretty exciting things happening at the Ranch this year with Kevin Kelly and you know we will have plenty of content each day. Stay tuned in the next few weeks.

Before I go, shoutout to Rowdie Keylon, yes the same Keylon you’re thinking of, for making his first trip to the Ranch this year. 

Main image: Cody Darr

Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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