Amateur Roundup: Loretta’s Regional Report Week 1

Welcome back to the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup where each week or so I will bring you the latest in Amateur Motocross. I had to take a short break after the end of Supercross Futures because every prediction I made for that race went terribly wrong and Slaw Dog threatened to fire me. Thankfully, I don’t have to make any predictions in this one.

This past weekend was the first time we saw tickets punched to Loretta’s across the country. We had three Regional Qualifiers last weekend with one being in the South-Central Region at Freestone Raceway, another in the Southeast Regional at Muddy Creek, and the Northwest Youth/Amateur Regional at Washougal MX Park. Muddy Creek seemed to live up to its name as it was an absolute mudder.

We saw some familiar faces securing their spot at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship, while a few will have to make another stop. The next few weeks are absolutely crucial in the Amateur Motocross world. The Regional Qualifiers are stacked with talent from the top to the bottom and you need to be on your game if you want to get one of those coveted tickets to the ranch. Not only will you have the best of the best riders from your region, but you will also have many participating in multiple regions trying to qualify.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable results from last weekend. I cannot list every result below or this would be so long no one would read it. I want to highlight a few of the classes that are always very competitive at the Ranch.

Muddy Creek Youth Regional

I will start this off with the Supermini classes. Always one of the most entertaining and competitive classes at any National Event, these two were STACKED.

Supermini 1

  1. Canyon Richards 2-6-2
  2. Carson Wood 3-1-6
  3. Logan Mortberg 2-5-4
  4. Seth Dennis 1-8-3
  5. Joseph Shipley 4-2-7
  6. Brennon Harrison 1-12-1

Supermini 2

  1. Brennon Harrison 1-1-4
  2. Logan Mortberg 3-4-2
  3. Canyon Richards 7-2-1
  4. Landon Gibson 1-3-11
  5. Joseph Shipley 2-7-7
  6. William Sokol 7-8-3

Looking at the results you can tell just how competitive this class really is. I did not include the heat results, but every moto was won by a rider within the Top 6 qualifying positions. We saw William Sokol and Landon Gibson just miss the cut. Keep an eye on this class at the Ranch, this group of riders is one of the strongest we have seen.

Schoolboy 1

  1. Klark Robbins 1-2-7
  2. Ryder Thompson 2-10-1
  3. Thor Powell 3-8-3
  4. Wyatt Bass 2-4-8
  5. Tiger Wood 6-3-6
  6. Christian Merman 4-1-12

Another highly competitive class. We saw some familiar faces punching their tickets with a few notable riders not making it out of this Regional. Kade Johnson, Chace Lawton, Logan Mortberg, Seth Dennis, Clayton Stickstill and more landing outside the Top 6. All of these riders have the ability to qualify for the Ranch, but it will have to be at another Regional Qualifier. 

Mini Sr 1 12-14

  1. Carson Wood 1-1-3
  2. Jace Baker 3-4-1
  3. Brandon Eade 2-5-5
  4. Carson Adams 2-3-7
  5. Caleb Wood 4-8-4
  6. Kevyn De Pinho 5-6-6

85cc 10-12

  1. Jackson McCarty 4-1-2
  2. Mavrik Gish 8-2-3
  3. Chase Dashiell 3-4-6
  4. Nolan Murphy 7-6-1
  5. Gauge Brown 2-5-9
  6. Cooper Johnson 7-8-4

Freestone Raceway Amateur Regional

This year, the Amateur Regional Qualifiers include all big bike classes not included in the Youth Regional. While Schoolboy 1 is included in the Youth Regional, the 125 C Class participates in the Amateur Regional along with everything from Pro Sport to all Vet Classes. 

Open Pro Sport

  1. Avery Long 3-5-1
  2. Jaxon Pascal 4-3-2
  3. Jayden Clough 1-2-7
  4. Izaih Clark 7-1-3
  5. Mark Fineis 2-8-5
  6. Noah Smerdon 8-4-6

250 Pro Sport

  1. Mark Fineis 1-1-1
  2. Jayden Clough 2-2-2
  3. Avery Long 3-3-3
  4. Mitchell Zaremba 5-5-6
  5. Noah Smerdon 8-4-5
  6. Jaxon Pascal 9-7-4

The Southeast Regional was full of B Class graduates looking to make their mark in the Pro Sport Classes. For Avery Long and Mark Fineis, who both participated in the Supercross Futures program earlier in the year, this will be an important year at the Ranch for them and all the others looking to take the next step in their motocross careers.


  1. Kyleigh Stallings 1-1-1
  2. Brook Whipple 2-2-2
  3. Brianna Scheltema 3-3-4
  4. Kameron Negrete 4-4-5
  5. Alyssa Fitch 5-5-9
  6. Raegan Vaughn 6-13-3

250 B

  1. Landin Pepperd 1-1-1
  2. Hayes Edwards 1-2-3
  3. Jordan Renfro 3-3-4
  4. Collin Allen 4-6-2
  5. Evan Stewart 4-4-7
  6. Cade Miller 3-9-8

Landin Pepperd is coming out swinging in the B classes this year taking both the 250 B and 250 B Limited wins going 1-1-1 in each. Landin qualified in the 450 B Limited class with 3-6-1 scores and Schoolboy 2 going 10-1-3. Landin is one of the favorites at the Ranch this year after a successful Spring National campaign. Keep an eye on this kid.

Schoolboy 2 12-17

  1. Collin Allen 3-2-4
  2. Alvin Hillan 1-8-1
  3. Landin Pepperd 10-1-3
  4. Hayes Edwards 2-11-2
  5. Grayson Fair 6-3-6
  6. Trace Holland 4-5-7

Washougal MX Amateur & Youth Regional

With the Northwest Region being a bit smaller, the Amateur and Youth Regional were combined into one weekend. While the region is smaller, it is not short on talent by any means.

Open Pro Sport

  1. Ben LaMay 1-1
  2. Lux Turner 3-2
  3. Preston Boespflug 2-3
  4. Slade Varola 4-4
  5. Dylan Cunha 6-5
  6. Kile Epperson 5-8

250 Pro Sport

  1. Preston Boespflug 1-1
  2. Lux Turner 2-2
  3. Slade Varola 3-3
  4. Kile Epperson 4-5
  5. Connor Lords 6-4
  6. KC Clinton 7-6

Per usual, the Pro Sport classes are ultra-competitive. Ben LaMay even got thawed out enough in Alaska to make the trip to Washougal and shake things up a bit in Open Pro Sport and 25+. But it looks like the battles between Lux Turner and Preston Boespflug were on at Washougal. These two battled all the way to the checkered flag a few times last weekend.

250 B

  1. Jace Allred 1-1
  2. Nate Freehill 2-2
  3. Dilon Blecha 3-3
  4. Casey Benard 4-4
  5. Dylan Howard 6-5
  6. Devin Ruth 7-6

450 B

  1. Jace Allred 1-1
  2. Dilon Blecha 3-3
  3. Casey Bernard 2-4
  4. Nate Freehill 5-2
  5. Chase Reid 6-6
  6. Nolan Connolly 8-5

A familiar face to everyone here at Vurb, Jace Allred was laying it down last weekend taking the win in both 250 B and 450 B with 1-1 finishes in each as well as Schoolboy 2 going 1-2. I look for Jace to have a productive year at the Ranch, but it will not come easy. The B Classes are always stacked with talent.

Supermini 1

  1. Grayson Townsend 1-2
  2. SJ Coy 4-3
  3. Gavin Moon 2-5
  4. Jayden Riley 7-1
  5. Wyatt Harrington 3-7
  6. Byron Homan 5-6

This will wrap things up for the Vurbmoto Amateur Roundup. As I already said, this is a crucial time for every Amateur Rrder trying to qualify for Loretta’s and possibly make a name for themselves. If you have not qualified yet, there are still a few weekends left to give it a shot. Coming up this weekend, we have the Gatorback Cycle Park Amateur Regional in the Southeast, the RedBud MX Amateur Regional for the Mid-East, and the Fox Raceway Youth/Amateur Regional in the Southwest.

Check in next week as I will have results from those listed above. As always, full results can be found on the MX Sports website or via the track’s website. Stay tuned the next few weeks, I will be continuing the Regional Championship Coverage and keep you updated all the way through Loretta’s.

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Written by WadeRaynor

My name is Wade and my wife has a sick RV.

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