We’re Headed Back to Silver Dollar

Remember that one time Matt Walker called out James Stewart in The Great Outdoors movies? Matt was riding for the Pro Circuit squad that summer on those dope looking 250 four-bangers, and Stewy was still absolutely demolishing the Factory Kawasaki 125cc. Paraphrasing a bit, but I think Matt claimed he was gonna hand JS259 his ass anywhere and everywhere he could, be it High Point, Washougal, or even Southwick… in the sand… against the Florida born sand shredder. Well, that didn’t happen, ever, and we just love to talk about those glorious interviews with the Dirt God of the South (That’s Matt Walker, btw) as much as we can.

“Silver Dollar?” “Yeah man, that’s what’s up.”

While Matt, much like (most) everyone else on the planet, was never able to show James his oil plug mid-air with a point over taunt, he did go on to start the Moto X Compound in Georgia, and in recent years turned his hand to promoting and bringing some old school Southeast tracks back to life.

Silver Dollar MX in Reynolds, GA, is one of those tracks. You probably recognize the name because we ran a few Vurb Classic races there; if I remember correctly in 2010, 2011, and maybe 2014. We debated reigniting the Classic flame there for 2020, but given the fact that we’re poor, need to spend tons of money on stuff, and that it takes a lot of bandwidth to put on an epic race, we decided to delay our efforts in that regard until 2021.

Not sure how Matt makes ALL the best soil in the South… but he does.

That being said, we still love Silver Dollar; it’s in our backyard and Matt did a complete overhaul of the place earlier this year. This means two things: we need to be there for his next race and we need to bring our own trusty two-strokes and spin a few laps. So that’s what I’m here to declare… I WILL BE DOING BOTH OF THOSE THINGS at his next event, which happens to be next weekend, September 19-20. (Saturday Practice, Sunday Race. Love that local race format, doggies)

We’ll be coming out and doing our normal vurb thing: Photos, videos, slinging merch, talking about slaw dogs, kicking Claws, and really just trying to have a damn good time. The fact that a 125cc shred sesh is in order for me makes it that much more enticing, too. The new track layout is much different than the one I grew up riding in the early 2000s, but it will be fun to spin some laps at such a nostalgic place for me on a completely new track.

Cullin Park at the last Silver Dollar race. Very original caption.

Matt’s last race there, earlier this year, had something around 4,269 entries from the photos I saw. I’d reckon that means the track is insane, Matt knows what he’s doing, and The Stalker is likely on the phone with James right now trying to convince him to come get an ass whooping around the hallowed Silver Dollar Raceway.

Matt wondering why the @theRealJS7 isn’t responding to his IG messages.

We’ll see ya out there kids. Much love.

Chilidog out.

Photos by David Lando of WFO Productions.




Written by Chilidog

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