Mini Major Practice Schedule

The Mini Major at Silver Dollar Raceway kicks off Friday and Vurb will be there to cover all the action. Here is the schedule for Friday and make sure to stop by the Vurb booth over the weekend to pick up some fresh merch.

There is no extra fee for race practice! 

Practice schedule on Friday will begin at 8 a.m. Each group will have a 12 minute session and we will work through the order three times. 

The order will be as follows:

1 Supermini/85cc/150F Age Group

2 85cc/150f Beginner/Novice

3 PeeWee PW/XR/TTR/CRF (no KTM’s or Cobras)

4 65cc Age Group (No Beginners/Novice)

5 Girls 

6 65cc Beginner/Novice

7 PeeWee Age Group (No Beginners/Novice

8 PeeWee Beginner/Novice (No PW/XR/TTR/CRF)


Written by PR Dog

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