Is Justin Barcia Getting Soft?

We found this little gem on Twitter yesterday. Please watch and then continue to feast your eyes on some award winning news coverage.

As you can see, Barcia was apparently on a fast lap and another rider got in his way. Barcia admittedly was aggressive in his attempt to win practice and broke his front brake. The Bird Dog has known Barcia since he was sponsored by Huggies, so I’ve seen this story play out before.

Look, Barcia is as aggressive as a Pit Bull all hyped up on Mountain Dew. He simply can’t turn it off. I imagine the dude has the same aggression in line at the grocery store as he does on the race track. Imagine Barcia pushing his cart down Isle 4 to get the last roll of toilet paper during the pandemic? I’d hate to be the soccer mom who made the mistake of trying to beat him to the Charmin. Chances are he gave her a nice bump as he rounded the corner and then brake checked her before they hit the toilet paper section. He’s a racer, plain and simple. And that’s all to apparent from this video.

We talkin’ about practice, man! Practice! And it’s not like he was trying to get in the head of AC or Osborne here. He hammered a dude who, as described in the video, “paid just as much as him to be here.” And he’s right!

It’s not what happened that surprised us. Of course Barcia is going to throw some heat on anyone who dare get near him on a track. We don’t care if it’s Mario Kart or a Pro Nat., you know what you’re in for when you race Barcia. And to be honest, while he plays rough, he does know where to draw the line. It’s what happened after that makes us think that Barcia may be turning into a big teddy bear.

After some altercation, he offers to buy the plaintiff a new front brake. Sure, he was yelling at the time, but it’s loud out there and perhaps he was simply trying to get his point across? Either way, the old Barcia would have likely sized him up again the following practice, but not 2020 Barcia. This Barcia, while still as ferocious as a Badger with Wolverine blood, has appeared to develop a tender spot in his heart. It brings a tear to my eye to see such accountability and I for one support Justin “Teddy Bear” Barcia’s softer side.

Main image: Octopi Media / Instagram: Octopi Media


  1. Dear Justin, Amber, Lorraine, and Don… please contact Bird Dog instead of me. I got a new number, phone is acting up, my messages aren’t going through. Be much better to talk to him than yell at me.

Written by Bird Dog

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