Vurbmoto’s Back Baby ft. Walther & Calderon

The Vurb Red Program is designed to give a platform and a voice to the next generation, as well as use our platform to help others build their brands. 

We are stoked to launch the program with this bad ass video from Seth Heggie featuring Brandon Walther, aka “Plan A” and Sean Calderon, aka “Plan B” at Underground in Texas. 

Learn more about the Red Program.

Want to see more videos from Seth and company? Visit and purchase some of his merch. Just another way we hope to grow the creative community in our sport through your support.

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Main image: Marc Rodriguez | @marcrrod


  1. Epic job, Seth. Branden and Sean… you guys aren’t scared to pin it. And to our old friend Regal – you’re still a boss. Thanks for getting those berms ohhh so tidy for the dudes to destroy them.
    Excited to keep this going with you Heggie.

  2. So was this actually filmed by the Vurbmoto crew or filmed by Seth, who should now be part of the vurbmoto crew! Will all these be filmed by non-vurbmoto crew filters. Anyways this was epic please keep more of these coming! Love getting to see new up and coming amateur rippers.

  3. @Frankj – this was completely a Seth mission. The Red Program is ultimately the step before becoming part of the vurbmoto crew, with the hopes of us working directly with tons of creatives (video, photo, writing, design, etc) and help them hone their crafts. While this initial video I talked with Seth quite a bit and gave him some direction and style suggestions, I pretty much just let him do his thing.

    Moving forward, however, I want to help him continue to build on all fronts. I plan to work one-on-one with him to refine camera and editing techniques and styles, with the hopes of making clear progression through this program. We have some cool plans in the works, and you’ll be seeing much more of Seth. For being 17 years old, he clearly has great vision and skill, and it’ll be a lot of fun to see him continue to push the limits in his abilities.

    And that’s the hope of the Red Program on all fronts. Having photographers work with Ryne Swanberg and Garth Milan to dial in the settings, editors work with Will Posey to learn how to put it all together, designers to get tips from our man Mike Fisher, and journalists to get words of wisdom from Chase and Brent Stallo. Our goal is to help elevate everyone that has the passion for our sport and the desire to work hard to push their careers to the next level. At which point, they will ideally graduate to our staff (provided we get to that point ourselves).

    We’ve learned quite a bit over the last decade or so, and we hope to share that knowledge with everyone that loves this as much as we do. As Jason Thomas has said many times the past few weeks here in SLC, a rising tide raises all ships!

    Viva la Vurb!

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