The Heggie Project | Vurb Red Program

So… here we are, 11.20.20 and there’s no movie. We planned this from the beginning because of the shit teenagers that we are. In addition, we also knew that we’d take all the time we needed to make the best damn movie we could. In a week or two or three from now, this won’t be a sike you out kind of thing. You’ll be watching the story of my life and the crazy world inside my head. Until then, enjoy this gnarly video of a trailer to keep you company.

Thumbnail Art: Ethan Snowdin
Film: Cody David
Edit: Seth Heggie

Viva La Vurb!

[Vurbwes Editor’s Note: As our first official inductee to our Red Program, I seriously can’t believe how far Seth has come in the last six months alone. He’s a grinder and his work ethic and desire to learn have both exceeded my expectations. We’re excited to see your first ever full length release, Seth. Keep on, keepin’ on broski!]

Written by Seth Heggie

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