Introducing the Vurb Red Program

Definition: A specialized program for up and coming creative talent. Hand-picked by the Vurb staff, the Red Program will give a platform and a voice to the next generation. Be it behind a lens, tripod, or keyboard, this will be a podium for creative talent from around the sport to showcase their work.

As the launch video said, “with five years off and creativity busting at the seams, these idiots decided to launch a dirtbike website.” Skip the second part of that sentence and lay your focus instead on the prior. That, “creativity busting at the seams” part. We want to push limits of limitation by using the money and resources we have to not only help better the sport, but to also bring light to the next generation of content creators. Those with the same hunger (literally) that we had when we started Vurb in 2007.

How are we going to do that?

Enter the Vurb Red Program…

The Red Program is our way to give a platform to up and coming talent. When Vurb started, the most sought after, almost untouchable camera in existence was the Red Epic. With a higher price tag than most cars it was the mark of success. Something we strived for every time we hit record. This program is a way to shed light on all the amateur filmmakers, writers, and photographers hoping to turn their craft into a career path, and eventually reach their own version of what the Red was to us.

There’s a rad generation of up and coming riders that we’re itching to work with, and the same serves true for creative talent.

Seth and crew checking out footage from their shoot.

“Growing up, when I was still racing, I was always watching Vurb. I started filming right when Vurb closed down, so it was a real bummer for me as a filmer. Getting a call to be part of the return was something truly special. It pushed me to do something different.”

Seth Heggie

Seth was a young film maker that we’d had our eye on for a while. Lucky for us Seth was one of the first to jump at the chance and he quickly introduced us to his friend behind the lens, Marc Rodriguez. A quick 15 minute phone call later and the boys were headed to Underground in Texas to film some hand-picked amateur talent (Brandon Walther, aka “Plan A” and “Sean Calderon, aka “Plan B”).

“When the idea of the Red Program came through I was stoked. I think the new age we’re in right now with video and photo becoming more accessible to everyone, and with Instagram being saturated with all the same ideas and people just trying to get followers, this is something different. The Red Program is an opportunity to do something that’s bigger. This is a career path. This is for the people who really want to do this, enjoy it and have the love for it.”

Seth Heggie

The rest, as they say, is history. With little guidance we wanted to see what they could do knowing that they would be the springboard to a not only the relaunch of Vurb, but also the launch of a new era of Vurb. We will also continue to work with both Seth and Marc to help hone their craft. Be that through image framing, color correction, camera settings or story telling, being part of the Red Program means you’ve got access to all of our expertise. It our way to help pass our knowledge learned onto the next generation.

Seth summed it up well in a recent conversation.

“I try to do things in my own mind and put it in a different aspect. I’m glad that it got recognized by some of my idols growing up. This is was hands down my favorite shoot of all time.”

Check back tomorrow for the first Red Program drop from Seth and later this week for some wallpaper bangers from Marc.

Until next time.

If you have any interest in being part of the Red Program, please send links of your recent work to [email protected] with the subject line “Vurb Red Program.”

Want to see more videos from Seth and company? Visit and purchase some of his merch. Just another way we hope to grow the creative community in our sport through your support.

Written by Bird Dog

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