VMZ: We’re Putting In an Offer For Blake Baggett’s Ranch

While we have no advertisers and probably don’t have near enough money to purchase his sprawling ranch, we are to happy to officially announce that Vurb is putting in a bid to buy Blake Baggett’s El Chupacabra Ranch. 

“Vurb has gotten off to a not-so-hot start, with zero advertisers, but we’re ready to go all in,” said Vurb co-founder Chilidog. 

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Vurb’s plans are to open a new amateur training facility at the Florida compound. 

“We’ve always loved amateur motocross, and what a better way to give back,” said Vurb co-founder Bird Dog.

Blake, we got your digits. We’ll put your people in touch with our people. We can pay in lifelong amounts of shirts, whatever the margins are on a couple hundred shirts. We’ll also add in all profits from the 40 straw hats we sold at Millcreek. Maybe after Loretta’s we’ll be close to asking price? We’ll reach out.

Disclaimer: VMZ is a sister company to vurbmoto and all “reports” are obviously untrue. Or maybe they aren’t.

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