Vintage Vibes: We FOUND Blake Baggett at Stew’s House

We found Blake Baggett! Well, the 2013 version of him anyway and he’s riding at the Stewart Compound! 

This video shows just how insanely elite that BB4 was during his time at Pro Circuit. To be honest I forgot that he had the chance to ride with James and Malcolm, and I didn’t really remember this video.

Man, it honestly bums me out that we will never see the great talent of Baggett ride a dirtbike again in pro racing. It’s a bummer how it all ended too. This guy could show up and win it all if the stars aligned. 

If you go back and look at the Loretta Lynn’s Vault you will see that Baggett was always overshadowed by the likes of Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, and Justin Barcia, which are elite names. It wasn’t until the Schoolboy 2 class in 2008 when Baggett won his first championship with dominating 1-1-1 rides. He would finish third in 250 A and finish off his amateur career with a 250 A Pro Sport title. 

I always liked Baggett as an amateur. To me I always wondered if he was courted by other teams back then, or if he was supposed to just be a Team Green prodigy. In my eyes, he was the underdog. It even took a year on Rockstar Suzuki and winning a 250 main event in Arlington to get back on Pro Circuit’s radar. 

Even his first three nationals, which were the final races of 2009, were very Baggett-esque with 12-23-15-8-17-4 scores. Anyway, Baggett had a great career no matter what. Even up to last season he could win on any given day and he was straight mobbin’. Only you old school Vurb chicks and dudes will understand that mobbin’ reference. Enjoy this vibe filmed by our elite Chili Dog of peak Baggett shredding at Stew’s house. 

Written by Troy Dog

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