VMZ: Chilidog Fires Back at Fake Blake Baggett Report; Tensions High at Vurb HQ

A bombshell report released on Friday has apparently caused internal strife at the vurbmoto headquarters, high, high level sources have told VMZ. 

Late Friday, Vurb Slaw Dog reported that Vurb was making a bid to purchase Blake Baggett’s El Chupacabra Ranch. In the story, he quoted none other than Vurb co-founder Vurb Chilidog. 

Well, according to high, high level sources close to Chilidog, those quotes were made up! 

“Chilidog and Vurb have made no official offer to Blake or his people,” a source told VMZ. 

We were told Chilidog had “already allocated the budget from the straw hat profits to Coors Lights and White Claws for Loretta’s.”

Following that report, VMZ reached out to representatives of Slaw Dog.

“No comment, except for Chilidog is a liar,” they told us. 

Looks like we have a good ol fashion standoff at the Vurb HQ. They’ve only been back for two months and things are tearing apart at the seams. 


Written by Joe Doe Dog

Joe Doe Dog has been a staff writer at VMZ for more than three months, but no one really knows who he is.

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