Loretta Title Contenders at Millcreek Summer Classic

Photos by: Blake Keith & Josh Miller

I’ll straight up admit we get a D- for Millcreek. And the only reason we achieved a passing grade, in my opinion, is because we showed up. You see, it’s been a while since we were at an amateur event, and the problem was we had a blast. Yes, a freakin’ blast. So much fun that we rambled for hours on end with countless people, ran around the track shooting everything possible, and lost our body weight in water that was quickly replaced with a handful of Coors Lights during Saturday night’s FMF pitbike extravaganza. It was just so epic to be back at the track, and unfortunately that meant we lost focus a little bit, especially when Monday morning came around and we had to actually do our real jobs.

Open Prosport Class. The #85 of Brad Smith finished second overall and will be racing the +25 and Open Pro Sport Classes at LL.

Yes, yes, I know we used to be masters at turning around content the same day, and I assure you we’ll harness the power of 2007 and get back to our old ways… it just didn’t happen at Millcreek. Damnit FUN, you got in the way. YOU ALWAYS GET IN THE WAY, GO TO TIMEOUT!  

Even though we’re now a week after the event, we’re heading into Loretta Lynn’s and there’s quite a bit of talent that I spotted at the Summer Classic that I feel like everyone should keep their eyes on at the Monster Energy AMA Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship. I 100% did not look up if that’s the official title, but for the sake of time let’s run it.

Moto X Compound’s Drew Adams

We’ve already talked Drew Adams and Evan Ferry to death, and I’m scared mentioning their red hair one more time might catch my computer on fire. Go read the Science of Red Heads in Moto if you want information on the heat they’ll be bringing to Hurricane Mills, TN.

#22 Jonathan Getz

I don’t even know where to start with the 65cc divisions. I swear every single moto in the older 7-11 & 10-11 ranks it felt like the final seven rounds of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship with different winners. Carson Wood, Jonathan Getz, and Manuel Dumais must’ve had a mutual pact to let everyone get a moto win after an intense battle. I’d be lying if I said I know much at the 65cc class currently, so I can’t overtly speak to how these guys will stack up at The Ranch, but my guess is they’ll do really well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them within a half second of each other if it plays out like the Summer Classic.

The #444 machine of Wyatt Duff was a few seconds shy of his older 65cc counterparts, but that didn’t stop him for taking, literally, all the wins in the 7-9 divisions
Gage Linville. Watch his GoPro HERE.

It’s likely because he won the 2010 King of the Classic award at the Silver Dollar Vurb Classic, but one kiddo that hasn’t slowed down in life is Gage Linville. We remember him as a quiet and shy 50cc ripper, but what seems as if it’s 20 years later, Gage has grown into a tall frame and even faster throttle hand. He took home a title last year at Loretta’s, and with the style and confidence he exhibited at Millcreek we will 100% guarantee (sorry, we don’t actually guarantee anything) that he’ll be a frontrunner in the Schoolboy 1 & 2 Divisions.

Here’s some bad news though. We have a Loretta’s content plan meeting tonight playing some rounds of Monster Energy Supercross 3. I’ve got to get prepared for that and play with my dogs a little beforehand since I’ve neglected them all day while at the computer. Life has changed a lot since the last vurbmoto, and while I don’t apologize, please don’t give me a failing grade. We’ve preached from the beginning this time it’s all about fun, and right now there’s nothing more fun the an afternoon Xbox moto sesh.

There’s nothing like keeping you coming back for more… Until the next time of Loretta’s Contenders, or whatever it is that I called this article. I promise it won’t take another week to get it done, maybe.

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

Been 'round these parts making dirtbike movies since '02; a weathered veteran with moto and camera related back issues, the hearing equivalent to my great-great grandfather's, and a dirt tan that will literally never come off. But I'm still in way better shape than every other dog in this joint, but that's because I use Chili and no slaw.

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