VMZ: Possible Scenarios for J-Coops Podium Celebration This Weekend

The incredible podium display by Justin Cooper after his win last weekend in Colorado was soon followed by Instagram drama (have you been living under a rock this week?).

While on the PulpMX show Monday night, Cooper hinted at a big plan that he had in motion for Fox Raceway should he win the overall again. He hyped it up pretty good and our man Troy Dog (writing about himself in third person right now) spoke to his “sources” to get to the bottom of what this elaborate plan could be. 

We have narrowed it down to two possibilities of what could happen. 

1.) Cooper was seen renting out a few dog kennels for the weekend. The goal is that if he wins, he is going to bring all 37 dogs up on the podium. He is also promised to pick up each dog one by one for a photo op. Good luck to our boys from Octopi Media for all those podium shots. Good luck to Coops shoulder because 26 of those dogs are 55 pounds or above. It is going to be fine. He is getting surgery remember. That fixes everything.

2.) The other top-secret idea that we have been hearing is that Cooper hijacked a Krispy Kreme truck and he is pitting out of it this weekend. On the podium Justin plans on eating 83 donuts in honor of the young Australian who trolled him earlier in the week. Imagine eating 83 donuts. Now imagine eating 83 donuts after being on a strict diet the entire season and after two 30-minute motos. If you are on the fence line by the podium you better wear a poncho because you are in the splash zone.

We cannot guarantee these scenarios happening at all. These are just strong rumors from real sources that we just made up. However, if true, which one would you like to see? 

Written by Troy Dog

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