Vintage Vibes: Piru MX ft Starling / Bereman / Commans

I’m on a roll this week. I signed Justin Starling to the Troy Dog Squad: Elite Athlete Program, and that is how you have to say it too. The entire title. Every time. 

That means I have to start pumping out some Star Dog content fast for good guy Starling. I have a few clips that I remembered from Star Dog in the ol Vurb Vault, but I ended up choosing this cool video from Piru that I don’t even remember. Remember the days when Ryan Walters would just show up at a random practice day and make a banger? I’m sure there was more thought put into it and planning at the time, but that’s what Walt’s videos made me feel like. Walt’s video’s always made me feel like I needed to move to California and film all the shreds. 

I actually forgot that Star Dog was picked up by Team Green after the Suzuki amateur team folded at the end of 2009. Now, 12 years later, I’d say we are poised for our best season ever on our new SKDA/FXR/JSR Motorsports (backed by Troy Dog) ride. 

This throwback is also awesome because Tyler Bereman is ripping on a Brett Metcalfe Yamaha of Troy YZ125. I’m too lazy to figure out if it’s a replica or the real deal race bike. All I know is that 125s are cool and I want to ride one again. Bereman was shredding this day before he was a free riding icon. 

Also making an appearance in this video is my old buddy Zac Commans. Zac and I grew close almost half a decade ago and I wrote his comeback story on Racer X. That story was nominated as one of the best reads on the site that year and I’ll never forget that. I should have gotten an award for that, but Jason Weigandt is too cheap to buy them, so I settled for a “good job”. Zac went on to graduate from The Columbia University in New York City and is probably raking in so much cash now. If you’re reading this Zac, hit me up my man. I know we’re in different tax brackets, but let’s catch up dog! 

Also featured are Jake Lyon and Broc Shoemaker, which I’d be Lyon if I told you I knew what they were up to these days. I remember their names from racing, but I need to check the Gram real quick to see what they are doing. Be right back. 

Lyon last updated his Instagram in 2018 and was just going to race the Two Stroke World Championship at Glen Helen and Shoemaker is busy raising a family with his wife. Man, Isn’t Insta great? Enjoy this throwback from the Vurb Vault. I’m out.

Written by Troy Dog

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