Vintage Vibes: 2 Stankin, Epi 10: Stankin’ up the Northeast

Look, I like Stank Dog, you like Stank Dog, everyone’s mom, loves Stank Dog. Besides vurbmoto’s famous National Security series, I would say that the 2 Stankin series was our most successful. You could argue that Driven to Ride with Derek Anderson and Tucker Saye is up there too, which it is, but it’s not the man Stank. 

It’s funny to think about it now that the entire Vurb crew has dog names. Only three riders have beaten us to the punch. 

  1. John Dowd – Junk Yard Dog
  2. Tim Ferry – Red Dog
  3. Gared Steinke – Stank Dog

Being a dog is a way of life and I’ve personally fully embraced it. You have to earn your dog name in some way, like you can’t just become one. Stank Dog isn’t like that. He completely breaks the rule. He’s always been a dog, even from birth. 

Tom Journet, or you know him as Team Fried, or just Tommy Tenders, filmed this masterpiece of a series. It’s definitely a vibe. The music picked is phenomenal and I chose this episode mainly because of that. By this time in the summer, the fans we’re definitely embracing the Stank and you can see that in this video. Even though Stank didn’t make the motos the fans were crowded around like he is a factory superstar. I mean come on, no privateer gets love like that and I wish they all did. 

We need to make another summer of Stank! Stank Dog are you in? We need to relive this one more time and honestly it’s what we all need in 2022. Let’s at least bring it to the table and talk about this, right?

Written by Troy Dog

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