Vintage Vibes: Behind the Scenes of National Player

Vintage Vibes is brought to you this week by Chili Dog. This is officially his favorite column and so that means Troy Dog is his favorite writer of all-time. Shoutout to Chili. 

Back in 2010 it was my rookie season in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross as a member of the media. I road tripped to four rounds that season with my pal Ryne Swanberg and we split the costs of gas and food. We bummed our way to places driving in Swanny’s Sedan with no AC, or my dad’s creeper van. We were sleeping at friends’ houses, hotels that we didn’t have to pay for, and camped in a tent at Unadilla. It was a fun mess and we made it work. That’s what you have to do in this sport to make a name for yourself. Then before you know it you are buying yachts and Bentley’s as a big time CEO. 

My first professional media experience happened at High Point that year. I had done a few amateur nationals up to that point and even helped Chili on a Red Bull shoot…but this was an entirely different experience. So, in honor of High Point this weekend, let’s talk about it!

Swanny and I met up with Bird, Chili, and Boogie. We then drove to the track and got our credentials and the ever important (as you’ll find out in the video) media vest. 

Once settled in at the race, Chili came up to me and said something like, “Yo, T-Dog…you’re my favorite dude ever, so I had this idea with Stew Dog a while back.” He then proceeds to tell me that with the success of the National Security videos (we will get to those videos soon) from the year before he wanted to do something different and I was perfect for the job. The idea was to hit on as many women as I could… as awkwardly as I could. I obliged. After all, I was 19, cocky, just finishing up puberty, and ready for the world to see my talents. 

The goal was at the end to get a Rockstar chick to go on a date with me or fail miserably. 

We started in the pits and worked our way along the fence lines and through the crowded hills of the raceway. I was looking for any chick to talk to and I didn’t care if they had a dude with them. Chili wanted me to get even more awkward where I would just walk up to a woman and just stare and point my finger at their face . I just couldn’t bring myself to get that weird. In hindsight, I wish I would have. As you can see in this video I start off very cold, but then when I warm up I start coming up with some terrible conversation starters. I say “good” a lot. It’s like a Ricky Carmichael podium speech. 

When I started talking to the Rockstar chicks I was like a little kid on Christmas morning running through my presents. James Hanson, the old Rockstar rider manager, kept giving me these looks like “What is this idiot doing?” We kept him out of the loop until we were done filming and then he said it all made sense why I was creeping. 

I don’t remember the original number of views that this video got when it was released on the old website. All I know is that this video needs more eyes on it. My theme song is a Micky Avalon song, bro. I’m what the kids call ‘lit’! 

This wasn’t a hit like National Security… but I don’t think the Troy Dog Squad knows about it yet. We actually filmed a sequel with then 12-year-old Cooper Webb at Budd’s Creek that season. It never saw the light of day and the footage has been lost. Although, Chili might have it somewhere.

Hopefully this helps make your day better, but if not it’s going back in the vault never to be seen again. 

Quick side note: This video was the first impression that my wife Ginger Dog saw of me. Somehow she ended up liking what she saw and here we are. So, shout out to Chili Dog for this idea. I guess I wouldn’t have my family if it weren’t for National Player. Good times and I’m glad things happen for a reason. 

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  1. LOL pretty good, it did bring a laugh. Still you had the kajones to go do it, most guys your age would not have gotten a single clear word out to those RS girls. Right on man!

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