Video: Carson Mumford Just “Super Sore” After Crash in Glendale

BarX/Chaparral Suzuki’s Carson Mumford was coming off back-to-back top 10 finishes entering the Triple Crown round in Glendale on Saturday.

After qualifying eighth, Mumford had a big crash in the first race that ended his night early. He was unable to line up for the second and third races and finished 22nd overall.

Mumford posted a clip of the crash and in a separate post on Instagram said he didn’t sustain any injuries and is just sore.

“Unfortunate night for me in AZ. Had one of my best qualifying finishes with a 8th coming into the night show. But my night ended early with a first lap crash on the dragons back, there was a couple people in front of me and I just misjudged it which sent me over the bars into the berm. As of now no injuries just super sore. Video of the crash coming soon.”

Here is the crash via Mumford:

Main image: Suzuki

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