Ryder DiFrancesco Wins Third Straight Supercross Futures in Glendale

The third round of the Supercross Futures series took place in Glendale on Saturday and once again it was Ryder DiFrancesco dominating. 

After winning the opening two rounds in Oakland and Anaheim 2, Ryder continued his amazing recent run in Glendale. 

He once again topped qualifying on Friday and AGAIN lead all 7 laps of the main event on Saturday before the pro night show. 

Friday Qualifying Times

In three rounds, DiFrancesco topped every qualifying session and led every single lap! Impressive to say the least. 

In Glendale, Luke Kalaitzian and Gavin Towers rounded out the podium. 

Saturday Main Event Results

The next round of Futures is scheduled for Arlington on Feb. 26. 

Main image: Kawasaki from Anaheim 2

Written by Slaw Dog

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