Video: Dylan Ferrandis Had a Big Crash in Glendale

Following 7-5 finishes in the first two races at Saturday’s Triple Crown round in Glendale, Dylan Ferrandis had a HUGE crash in the third race.

Ferrandis posted the crash on Instagram following the race:

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A post shared by Dylan Ferrandis 🇫🇷 #14 (@dylanferrandis)

Woof. That’s a big one. Luckily, according to a team press release following the race, Ferrandis will be okay for round 6 in Anaheim next weekend.

“Yesterday wasn’t a good day for me at the Triple Crown. I had a great qualifying but had a crash in the third main and couldn’t finish the race,” said Ferrandis. “It’s really frustrating, but let’s move forward and onto Anaheim 3 next weekend.”

Main image: Yamaha

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