Troy Dog’s Shack: Justin Bogle Throws Nastiness in Practice, Thanks vurbmoto

I may or may not have gotten a hold of Justin Bogle this week. Chili Dog had a number for him and I just went ahead and sent it. J-Dog, as he shall now be called, swore it was him, however the jury is still out. 

You see, on Twitter earlier this week Bogle stated that he threw a bunch of nastiness including a no footed can can and a one handed nac nac in practice at Lakewood. He was going to be big mad if no one had a photo of it. 

Well, none other than Jessica Hare, our photographer for the weekend, caught the one handed nac! It’s gnarlier than Wes Kain in the Loretta Lynn’s beer tent after last call. Like someone call a doctor because Troy Dog feels SICK from even looking at the image for 30 seconds. 

It turns out that Bogle is a rad dude if you didn’t already know. He is exactly what you would expect him to be. After his great results of 14-11 for 11th overall at Thunder Valley it appears Bogle is set to do what Bogle does. He continues to trend up in the results after some very serious setbacks time and again. 

The good news is that Bogle did sell his house in Oklahoma, which meant that he was able to get some furniture in his new Florida pad. You can read about Us trying to help him out with this from a few months ago. Bird Dog had some A1 reporting on that. 

Florida sounds a bit boring. J-Dog said he’s not far from the beach, but all he is doing is making himself a beast with training and riding that he hasn’t been to it. What kind of sicko does that to themselves? The answer? Someone hungry to get back on top and that’s exactly what the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-WPS-KTM rider is planning to do. He even had a chance to practice with my best friend, Kyle Chisholm, to maximize his chances. 

Troy Dog’s biggest concern for these riders is why? Why would Bogle pack up his life in Oklahoma and move to a new state? This is his tenth year as a pro. How does he stay motivated and why does he want to continue pushing himself in the sport? 

“Honestly, I just love this stuff. I don’t feel fully like myself doing anything else. Life is hard and confusing a lot of the time, but on race day I know exactly what I’m doing and who I am. I’ve had a long and eventful career, but I have never been hungrier than I am now and that is pretty cool. I went through a lot of soul searching and weird stuff after the head injury in 2020 that I had but after about five months off I just realized this is who I am and this is what I wanna do. And my old man didn’t raise a chump so I gotta get back on the damn horse and make it happen.” 

Take a moment and realize that I’ve never spoken to Bogle before and I sent him a few text messages on a random Tuesday. This dude is real enough to where he’s down to tell a random T-Dog what’s up. 

“I’ve had some injuries boy let me tell ya, it hasn’t always been pretty, but it’s taught me how to be resilient and just figure stuff out, so I guess it ain’t all bad. But I think it’s more so just an appreciation for what I have and I know I was blessed with a talent in what I truly love doing, so I don’t want to take that for granted, especially not at this stage of my life.”

Justin Bogle. He’s trending up. He’s real. You need to cheer for him. He figures life and racing out at the same time and has plenty of style doing it. Respect. 

Also, I gathered from J-Dog is that he is an avid reader of this dirtbike website, he knew that I am CEO, and he appreciates the work I’m doing. Just so we are all aware how the other part of the conversation went. 

If you want to get in touch with Troy Dog you can email him at [email protected], he will answer all emails sent. Be sure to smash that follow button @troydogvurb on Instagram and Twitter. 

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

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