Slawdictions for Thunder Valley: All Aboard the Tomac Train

“Knock, knock”

“Who’s there”

“Slaw, and he’ll always be here for you with Slawdictions!”

Following a 99 percent accuracy weekend at the first round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at Fox Raceway, I’m back for more flaming hot bold predictions for round 2 at Thunder Valley this Saturday.

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After his breakout performance in Monster Energy Supercross, Slaw will still a bit skeptical of Aaron Plessinger’s chances in Pro Motocross. Yeah, he’s a past 250 champion, but I figured he’s be a bit behind the likes of Tomac, Webb, Roczen, etc. Then Slaw saw this FIRE ASS QUOTE:

My bun raised about 10 notches after hearing this. I’M ALL IN ON AP! TAKE MY MONEY! PODIUM AT THE FIRST ROUND!

AP was on fire at the opener, just like I said he would be. He damn near won the second moto and took third overall for his first career 450 podium in Pro Motocross. I’m not sure if I’m buying him for title contention, but I could if he has another big weekend at Thunder Valley.

Slawdiction: 10000 out of 10


Yes, we all remember Justin Cooper bringing his dog up to the podium last year. Look, I loved it. Let these kids enjoy the moment. Well, this year Justin will be honoring Slaw Nation and bringing up some fine Slaw Dogs after he wins the opener. You heard it here first.

We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed.

Slaw Nation

Slawdition: 3 out of 10.


If you read this quote from Ken Roczen at the opening round press conference, you’d think he is not going to do well this weekend…

It’s been a minute since I’ve ridden outdoors. Honestly, I’ve done this pretty much my whole life and that’s what I grew up on, but kind of felt a bit of a disconnect, to be honest. During the time last year when everybody was racing, I was forced to take it easy. It’s not like I was going out and pounding motos. I might as well would have raced. So I didn’t do that, and then we went straight back into supercross. So I just haven’t really ridden motocross for quite some time. Just been feeling a little bit of a disconnect with it. Trying to adjust to the speeds and whatnot and trying to keep my momentum up. As far as expectation for this upcoming weekend, I don’t really have any right now. To be honest, I kind of want to see where I’m at and then build each and every weekend from there on out. That’s really all I can say so far.

AND YOU’D BE WRONG. Ken is playing some Jedi Mind Tricks on everyone. He podiums this weekend. LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK.

I told ya’ll Ken was playing some damn Jedi Mind Tricks on the comp before the opener. He hasn’t raced a Pro Motocross round since August 2019, but comes out wins the second moto and takes second overall. I mean, if those aren’t Jedi Mind Tricks, I don’t know what are.

Slawdiction: 9988 out of 10.


As the great Ralph Sheheen would say “Jett Lawrence’s brother” is going to be on fire this weekend. Hunter is a damn beast outdoors and after a HEALTHY supercross season, not to mention a very successful one, I think it carries over into Pro Motocross. Hunter podiums, while Jett gets fourth.

Yeah, Jett was really, really good. Hunter was also pretty good. But not as good as Jett. Donuts FOR EVERYONE ON SLAW!

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


Look, I think Cooper Webb will be fine this summer, BUT, the supercross hangover is real, folks. We’ve seen it too many times. Yes, there was extra time off this year, but I still think Cooper soaked in that championship is a bit behind guys who had extra time to prepare because they weren’t focused on supercross late. No podium, but at least a top five overall finish.

I told you that supercross hangover would be real. I’m not worried about Webb, he’ll be fine, BUT, I was RIGHT about this.

Slawdiction: 18848 out of 10.

Onto Thunder Valley and more flaming predictions.

Tomac Rebounds

According to our poll earlier this week, which was voted on by the millions of loyal Vurb readers, Eli Tomac’s ninth overall finish at Fox Raceway 1 was the biggest surprise to come from the opener. Slaw may or may not have voted for that. NO rules against me voting! Yes, it’s only round 2, but this weekend is massive for Tomac. He needs to right this ship. And what a better place than at his “home track”. Okay, it’s not really his home track, but you get the point. Dude has trained in Colorado for his entire career (I think) so this is his home track. That’s a long way of saying Tomac podiums this weekend. Extra Slaw for the overall!

Neither Jett or Dylan Repeat

These dudes were on FIRE last week. This is in no way disrespecting that. BUT, I don’t think either follow it up with another win this weekend. In the 250 Class, I think the Star bikes at altitude will be too strong and Jeremy Martin or Justin Cooper takes the overall. (Slaw Nation is waiting on the Slaw Dog on the podium, Justin). The 450 Class is SOOOO deep, even though we lost Jason Anderson to injury. Both riders will be good this weekend, they just won’t repeat.

Barcia Podiums

LEAD SLAW LOCK OF THE WEEK ALERT! Watching Bam Bam outdoors might just be my favorite part of every race. Dude is just NFG (we still saying that?), wide open, blowing out berms, you name it. I loved him on his debut with GasGas outdoors. I think it continues this weekend with a podium.

Sexton Wins a Moto

After dang near winning the first moto, Sexton went through the field in the second moto like a damn honey badger, going from worse than dead last (yes, it’s a thing) to 10th. I think this kids future is so bright, and I like him to capture a moto win this Saturday. Heard it here first.

Steve Matthes is Drug Through the Pits For This Take

I love Steve, but this is the worst take of all-time.

Main image: Jessica Hare

Written by Slaw Dog

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