The Return of Vurbmoto

We’re back! Finally. Instead of having us type a description, we recommend you just listen to the video. You can also watch it while you’re at it.


  1. I’m at work. 30 years old. Crying like a schoolboy. Itching like for more content like it’s Thursday at Loretta’s and I’ve been wearing the same underwear since Sunday.

  2. All kinds of Vurbmoto dejavu watching that clip! Stoked vurbmotos back baby, letsgooo !

  3. Hellll yes. This is sweeter tasting than a virgin on prom night boys. Pumped to have Vurb back once again.

  4. Not sure what to say about this….. all I know is my childhood dream is alive again!

    Instead of beginning you guys to allow me to crash on your hotel room floor or sleep in my car, I’m willing to donate my floor, or share a bed if needed ????

  5. Y’all came back at the perfect time! As much bad crap that is going on it’s great to have the best moto site ever back in the game.

Written by Wes Williams

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