Can Someone Please Explain What This Is?

Can someone way more mechanically inclined please for the love of everything explain to me WHAT. IS. GOING. ON. HERE? 

Lectron Fuel Systems posted this on their Instagram yesterday and I’m still trying to figure it out after watching it at least 40 times.

The build is by @hartmann_performance, but he’s German so I have no clue what his posts are saying.

Please, let me know in the comments what this monstrosity is.


  1. The project startet as an old German Moped from the 1970 called „Simson“ with an 50cc engine.
    There’s a pretty big community here in Germany for those bikes that are getting restored or modified.

    Originally they are air cooled.

    This one turns our to have gotten a aftermarket liquid cooled Zylinder. Since the engine does not have a waterpump of any sort. They installed an electrical pump (bottom right) which pumps the water through the red‘ish hoses.
    The clear clutch cover is just for looks.

    Stock bike has around 3hp while this one should be around 20 hp.

  2. Kenny also has one in Germany, the bikes have reached the cult status in East Germany.
    It’s like every Boy who turns 16 gets one. They stopped the production in 1992, but there are so many companys that produce like OEM and tons of aftermarket parts, that they still run in 2020.

    Kennys One: Kennys One

    Turbine Gramont Rocketship:

    Simson trailer Grand Prix:

    Enjoy watching and have a great weekend everyone
    Cheers from Germany

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