The Most Fitting Sponsorship in History: Malcolm Stewart Inks Deal with Fishing Company

The most fitting sponsorship in the history of Monster Energy Supercross is finally a thing! Malcolm Stewart, who we all know is an avid fisherman, announced a new deal with Abu Garcia, a high-quality rod and reel company.

“I’m so pumped; this is probably one of the coolest sponsorships I’ve ever done,” Stewart said during a Zoom news conference Monday. “Especially something that’s outside moto, for one, and two, everybody knows, if you know who Malcolm Stewart is, you know me growing up fishing, the fact that I actually sealed the deal is cool.”

Stewart announced the deal on his Instagram account after a fifth-place finish at the opening round of Monster Energy Supercross in Houston on Saturday.

“I told all my buddies and some of the guys at Star, they’re like, ‘No way, Abu Garcia! I got a bunch of rods and reels with them.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m pumped.’”

Stewart was approached by Abu Garcia, which noticed all his fishing photos on his IG feed.

“With me posting a lot of pictures on Instagram with big fish, it just caught their eye, and they reached out to me,” he said. “And we just kind of sealed the deal and just made it happen. It’s just cool to have a different sponsorship that’s outside of moto, especially with something I’m involved in. I’m more than happy about it.”

Main image: Octopi Media / Instagram: Octopi Media 

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