Aaron Plessinger Just NOW Followed Us on Instagram and It’s About Damn Time

The latest breaking news in the vurbmoto world is that one of the hottest properties in the sport, Aaron Plessinger, JUST NOW, followed @vurbmoto on Instagram. I think I speak for the entire company when I say, ABOUT BLEEPING TIME PLESS! 

Who was there for you when you were on a KTM 65 at Loretta Lynn’s in 2005?

Who helped you through the woods on your YZ 85?

Who was there when Bobby Reagan ran on stage at Loretta’s and told the world how long you were signed for before the ink was dry?

Who was there for you when you forgot who Troy Dog was? 

Who was down with you through all the injuries, comebacks, and championships? 

Who was there when you DID IT FOR DALE!???

I’ll give you one guess. It’s eight letters and it starts with a lowercase v. 

vurbmoto has been down with you since the beginning, Pless Dog. You couldn’t have just clicked that follow button at any point in the last ten years? Like dude, I get it, we’ve been gone, but this hurts worse than a rough night at the beer tent and getting up before the sun rises (we’ve all been there).


Alright, I’m done ragging on you AP. Welcome aboard uhhh… our Instagram. We post bangers bro. Now if you could only join the #troydogsquad and follow @troydogvurb.

We’re trying to move mountains over here and it’s like pulling teeth.

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

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