The 10 (12) Commandments of Loretta Lynn’s

We’re not as cool as Moses (major kudos for the sea-spreading) but we’ve come up with 12 (!) funnier (we think) Commandments that only apply to the (deep breath) Monster Energy American Motorcyclist Association Amateur Motocross National Championship (AKA the MEAMAAMNC as it’ll never be known) at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

The track also features a section called the 10 Commandments, so it kind of makes sense to come up with our own that EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW!!!!

Did we miss a commandment? Leave your wittiest line in the comments below. Best one wins a free shirt!

1.) Thou shall honor thy Loretta Lynn

2.) Thou must know every word to “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

3.) Thou shall never drink the creek water

4.) Thou can’t jump off the bridge, but thou should

5.) Thou shall not puke in thy friends camper

6.) Do unto others golf carts as you would have done unto yours

7.) Thou shall not murder…someone else’s RV toilet

8.) Thou shall not covert thy 65cc rider’s mom

9.) Thou shall not get caught TTF

10.) Thou shall not claim another rider’s $80,000 supermini

11.) Thou must take at least one bath in the creek

12.) Repeatest after thou… Thy must tell everyone it is, what it is


  1. Honor thy father and thy mother… As well as thy mother’s “special” friend to help buy you a new supermini.



Written by Chicago Dog

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