JBR Best Whip This Weekend ft. Tom Parsons & Many More

Remember National Security’s Travis Steward? Yeah, we hardly do either. But he’s back, and in this JBR Best Whip hype video he manages to talk to God… or someone impersonating God anyways. And the voice sounds strangely familiar.

If you’re in the Northeast, or hell anyone not going to The Ranch, head over to Hemonds MX for the Jday Offroad Event in Minut, Maine. When the lights turn off, it’ll be time for an epic showing of the JBR Best Whip Contest and tickets are only $10 for a hell of a good time. This year the event will feature Tom Parsons, David Hollinrake, Jesse Pierce, Dereck Beckering, Kevin Hill, and Seth Beaton.

If we had a link for more information, we’d post it here. But Nick Batten and Travis Steward spent every ounce of creative juice on the video above, therefore our advice is to show up to Hemonds on Saturday, coldies in hand with your voice box prepped for some yelling. Get it boys!


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