Thank You Jeremy Martin For Admitting to Tanking to Stay in the 250 Class

GEICO Honda’s Jeremy Martin appeared on the PulpMX Show on Monday to discuss his decision to sit out the remainder of the 250SX East Region to avoid pointing out and being forced to move up to the 450 Class in 2021. This has been going on for years (*cough* Martin Davalos *cough* Shane McElrath* *cough* name 10 more riders) with most riders not fully admitting that was exactly what they were doing. So, full credit to Martin and the team for being open and honest.

Look, Slaw Dog (yes, I just referred to myself in third person. Dogs can do that without sounding like a condescending prick) don’t care about this. If a rider can make more money in the 250 Class and there are no rides available in the 450 Class (which there wasn’t for Martin) good for them. This is a business and riders need to make their money while they can.

“I went around and was finding out information about rides for 450 and this and that and everything was pretty well booked,” he said on the show.

“It would be career suicide,” he added on moving up without a ride.

Martin has a two-year deal with GEICO, so it makes sense financially for him to stay in the 250 Class in 2021, try to win a championship, and collect a check instead of going out as a privateer in the 450 Class.

“This might not make some people happy, but this is my business,” he said. “Like, when I go race, it’s about winning races, accomplishing my goals from a childhood kid and being the best to… and it’s also about making money. And for me, I would do a year of 450, if I had to be a privateer and go out and buy a bike and I would go and do it, but you know how much money that would cost.”

THANK YOU, Jeremy. Yes, this is a business. Yes, riders deserve to make their lick and have some cash money in the bank when they retire. So, stay in the class and get yours, is what Slaw Dog thinks. 

The entire interview is worth a listen, but my favorite part is that Martin found out he was pointing out not from the AMA, not from his team, but AN ARTICLE ON RACER X! Shoutout to those boys.

“I found out about it in the off-season through a Racer X article, actually,” he said on the show. “Someone kind of mentioned and I was like holy crap am I in this situation and come to find out I was.”

You can listen to the entire show below or wherever else you do that. On an app or something.

Main image: GEICO Honda


  1. Dude totally deserves another year after the injury he dealt with. Big props to him and the team for being honest.

  2. Great decision.

    The man goes privateer 450 and top 10’s all year (no podiums) and stays privateer again the next season.

    Or……he wins another championship on the 2fiddy, and secures the bag with a bigger 450 team in 2021.

    SECURE THE BAG J-MART!!!! You ain’t in this sport for a long time, so make the most of it!!!

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