VMZ: Reasons Why Jeremy Martin Is Staying In 250s

GEICO Honda announced yesterday that Jeremy Martin will sit out the remainder of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross campaign so that he can maintain his 250 Class eligibility for the 2021 season. Martin has reached the AMA’s eligibility limit of points in the 250SX class, and any additional points scored would force him into the 450 class for 2021.

By remaining in the class, Martin can honor the second year of the two-year GEICO Honda extension signed prior to this season.

“I’m 27 years old now; would I want to be racing 450? Absolutely,” Martin explained. “But sometimes you have to take the longer path, which right now is to lick my wounds and try to keep rebuilding myself in supercross, so I can win races and championships for GEICO Honda next year.”

Disclaimer: The following reasons why Jeremy stayed down are obviously not true… or are they?

  • He’s always respected Martin Davalos and this seems like the best way to pay tribute to him.
  • Pro Circuit has always led the way and he’s just following their lead.
  • He was skimming through the rulebook one day and came across the Davalos ruling.
  • Davalos was getting all kinds of publicity by staying down and he wanted some of that.
  • He has a bet with his brother who can stay down longest… And seeing as Alex has the JGR curse, this was his way to win.
  • He’s tired of driving a 1996 Ford Ranger. 
  • The longer he stays on 250s, the easier it is for people to mention his 250 outdoors success.

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