7 Companies That Could Replace GEICO as Title Sponsor of Factory Connection

As you may already know, Factory Connection Honda is reportedly losing GEICO as its title sponsor next year. It’s a tough blow for not only the team, who will be scurrying to find a replacement for 2021, but for the sport as a whole, as the GEICO name carries some weight and was a longtime supporter of the team.

We also wanted to help the team by giving them some ideas on potential new sponsors. See below for our thoughts, in no particular order, and leave your best sponsor below and the reason why and we may give out a free tee.

Jake from State Farm

No, no, not State Farm, that’d be like getting a new puppy the same day your old dog passes away. But Jake from State Farm would be palatable. Imagine Jett and Hunter Lawrence rolling up to the gate in some fresh pressed khaki pants and a red polo? The marketing opportunities here would be next level.


Say it with me, Bojangles Factory Connection Honda! Now that’s got a damn ring to it, am I right? Imagine hearing Ralph call the race, working in the term “it’s Bo time” every time one of the FC guys does anything remotely cool? These two companies are meant to be together. They could even have a limited time MotoBo Biscuit every year during supercross. There’s so much potential here we’re already forgetting about GEICO.

Camel Cigarettes

Hear me out before you throw me under the bus here. Joe Camel was a huge part of the nostalgia of Supercross in the ‘90s. The riders and crew could grow mullets, wear leather jackets with a Camel on the back and roll up packs of cigs in their sleeves during the press conference. They could even take on a new slogan, “Camel Cigarettes, Saving You From an Extra 15 Years or More.”

Stank beat them to the punch.
Photo: Ryne Swanberg | Instagram: Octopi Media

Four Loco

Look, beggars can’t be choosers. Energy drinks have taken over action sports and what’s more enticing after a long hard moto than an energy drink infused with some of the most low grade alcohol on the planet? Sure, it’s not the top company on the list of potentials, but it’s better than a 40oz of 8-ball.


Yes, a media company as a title sponsor. Of course this would be a non-paid sponsorship, but we could make some dope ass videos of the team and we won’t hammer them about performance metrics and all that stuff. If you guys are listening, have your people call our people and we can set something up.

SOO MUCH FREE SWAG. Let’s make a deal!

Oscar Meyer

We’re grasping at straws here, and while there’s not a huge correlation between a hotdog company and dirtbikes, that hasn’t stopped our industry from pulling in some ridiculous sponsors in the past. Plus, how funny would it be to see the team riders riding around in a huge hotdog signing autographs?

Liberty Mutual

A few things make sense here. One, it’s an insurance company. Two, they have an Emu, the LiMu EMU to be exact. I don’t understand what the hell an Emu has to do with insurance, but I’m betting he’d like to take a swing at the GEICO Gecko, and this could be his big chance.

Main image: GEICO Honda


  1. I’m praying for Bojangles Factory Connection Honda! That would be epic. Race day drinking game – every time the commentators say “Bojangles,” CHUG!

Written by Bird Dog

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